June 8, 2016
Every year, we have numerous orders from distributors on behalf of car dealerships for gifts with purchase. Every time a car is sold, the buyer leaves the lot with a food gift in a beautiful package with the dealer’s imprint. Set up as a release program, we ship throughout the year to meet the client’s needs.
May 25, 2016
This blog article is dedicated to sharing case histories with you, so that you can either approach an existing customer with a great idea or target your efforts to the development of new accounts with prospecting tips
January 21, 2016
You wouldn’t go fishing without bait, right? So why go to a trade show without offering an incentive to stop at your booth? At recent nationwide trade show, PPAI Expo, we had people lined up to sample our English Butter Toffee and Sea Salt Caramels. Chocolate and other treats are sure showstoppers! We know firsthand that food pulls people into a booth. In fact, after a few years of offering samples of our food at trade shows we decided to offer the same experience to our customers and their clients.
November 26, 2014
Last minute ordering If you have seen a trend towards later ordering of holiday gifts with your clients, you are not alone. Our experience shows that people are choosing to place holiday orders later every year. In 1999 50% of our holiday gift orders were placed after Nov. 8. In 2013 the half way cut off was November 15. How can you partner with suppliers to secure these late season orders? Offer the option to ship directly to the recipient. This can save up to 5 days in transit time.
February 5, 2014
May 1, 2013
August 29, 2012
August 22, 2012
February 8, 2012
December 7, 2011
cuttingboard.jpg Yikes! What an assignment! Creating a unique food gift package for employees in the food industry. That’s like being asked to design shoes for the shoemaker.