October 14, 2021
Shana Gardner, CAS, Operations
“Food of the gods.”  We mean that literally!  We share a brief look into the history of chocolate.
January 21, 2021
Shana Gardner, CAS, Operations
2020 taught us a lot about ourselves as individuals, a company, and an industry.  Some were hard lessons, while others were uplifting, plumbing depths we didn't know we had.  It provided us an opportunity to recognize and overcome challenges both new and old.
May 21, 2020
Maple Ridge Farms Team
You’ve educated your clients on the power of promotional products, so they want to use them in their next marketing campaign or promotion. They’re looking for quality products, so you need name brand products. Right? While we love name brand products, we also recognize the quality of brands that may not be widely recognized and other private label products – especially in our industry. Let’s talk about how to fit promotional products (and food gifts) into your client’s budget without sacrificing the quality they want.

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