April 20, 2023
Shana Gardner, MAS, Operations
Maple Ridge Farms has announced a charitable donation of $5,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Wausau. The donation was the result of the company’s give back program for 2022, in which Maple Ridge Farms donates a percentage of the profits from a specially selected line of gifts.
April 12, 2023
Maple Ridge Farms Team
Getting hungry? Charcuterie gifts continue to trend, so it’s the perfect time to build a board with your clients, employees, friends, family and event attendees for work, play or that magical space in between. These delicious gifts put the fun in functional by creating an interactive experience that grabs your recipients’ attention along with all their other senses. Ready to build your board? Good news! The art of charcuterie continues to evolve to include different taste sensations, so there’s something for everyone. Whatever your tastes, let’s dive in. How do you charcuterie?  

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