September 28, 2020
Jamie Johnson, Sales
The last few months certainly have been uncharted territories for almost everyone.  We can look at this in many ways, but I like to think of it as freedom to be innovative, inspired, and compassionate.  September 17th, 2020 was the first day I traveled for work since March 13th and I can’t express the excitement I felt. To interact and see our customers has often been the main way of connecting and educating. I looked forward to engaging and listening to our customers in a one-on-one setting to take in what all of their challenges and triumphs have been.
September 10, 2020
Maple Ridge Farms Team
The world is an ever-changing place. Fads go in and out, companies adapt, and nothing stays the same for very long. Gourmet food gifts are no different. Customers are less inclined to simply make decisions based on price alone. Instead, they’re looking for an experience, a way to interact with the product beyond consuming it and being done with it. You might be wondering, “How can I accomplish that?” Well, an easy way to do it is with kitting and other custom-designed gifts from Maple Ridge Farms!

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