custom labeled food gifts
February 22, 2017
Mary Kate Riordan, Social Media
Nothing draws the attention of tradeshow attendees more than the lure of food. Tradeshows can be a marathon event with energy expended walking the show floor and attending a multitude of events. The offer of a small, delicious treat will pull them in and revitalize their energy reserves. Once they’re in your booth, you will enjoy conversing with prospects about what you offer in products and services. You won’t have potential customers passing you by without as much as a glance when you offer them high quality, gourmet food items.
February 8, 2017
Molly Neises, MAS, Sales
Not to brag… but sometimes it’s justified. Reflecting back on 2016, it occurred to us that we have a lot to celebrate here at Maple Ridge Farms! So to share our excitement, we put together a short list of fun facts and accomplishments that help establish Maple Ridge Farms as one of the best in the promotional products industry. Take a look at the info graph below. 

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