CASE STUDY: Rollin’ with our New Cylinders

Molly Neises, MAS, Sales

Every year at about this time, we all get super excited at the Farm!  It’s when we get to start sharing new products and ideas with our customers!  When we are developing new gifts, we go into the process thinking about what we have heard from our distributor partners and their buyers in regards to their needs, wants, and desired promotional solutions.

When chatting about a new product, we hear, “This would be perfect for…” or “I can see my customer using this for…” and they are situations we may not have originally envisioned.  Better yet is when those same concepts come to fruition and we get to see the gifts in action!

This was the case recently with one of our latest roll-outs… our new Gourmet Cylinders.  Each cylinder is filled with two tasty treats to share—or keep all to themselves.  And because they lend themselves to so many types of projects, we made sure that there are plenty of warm-weather-shippable treats on offer as well.  Add in the fact that each cylinder is complete with a custom full-color sleeve, and it’s a winner for every lucky recipient!

Read on for recent case studies showing the power of these new fully-custom imprinted dual-packed treats:

CASE STUDY#1: Dual Purpose, Dual Treats!

In-person conferences are coming back and Maple Ridge Farms has had the pleasure of working with a number of distributors with a creative approach. Our Cylinders offer a fully customizable 4-color sleeve that allows the daily agenda of the conference to be printed directly on the food gift package. The gift can be used for a room drop for conferences of multiple days or placed on the table for each attendee to enjoy the day of the conference.

Challenge: An insurance company needed to share the agenda of a conference and wanted to include a treat to keep the attendees energized throughout the day.

Solution: Our cylinders offer a full color imprint, allowing for the conference agenda to be printed directly on the package.  It included a QR code to the website of the conference and two delicious treats.

Results: The attendees were fully engaged, never losing sight of the flow of the day and able to stay energized with the tasty treats to boost their motivation.

CASE STUDY#2: Creative Kitting Needed for Wellness Initiative

An insurance company was looking for a way to jump start a wellness campaign as employees returned to the office.  It was important to create a fun gift that employees would embrace, as getting them engaged and motivated in the initiative was key to the project.

Challenge: Creative packaging was requested to kit a distributor-supplied jump rope and sweatband with delicious energizing treats!

Solution: Maple Ridge Farms suggested our new custom imprinted cylinders.  The jump rope and sweatband fit inside perfectly, leaving room for multiple individual snack packs of our trail mixes (and chocolate almonds to sweeten the deal)!

Results: The employees jumped feet first into the wellness initiative and commented on the “sweet” nature of the wellness gift.

These are just a couple examples of how our new cylinders can help boost the creative delivery of your next project and leave the recipients rollin’ in good will.  Be sure to check out our Resource Center for more informative (and drool-worthy) case histories – as well as our delectable assortment of Gourmet Cylinders!