CASE STUDY: Events Gone Virtual - Charcuterie Edition

Molly Neises, MAS, Sales

Over the past year, we have all seen an increase in virtual events.  Chances are that many events will most likely remain virtual (at least for a while). The ease and convenience of virtual gatherings make them an optimal choice for companies trying to share a message or experience with a large group of people – while reducing travel, extended gatherings, and often expense.

One of the downfalls of virtual events?  It takes creativity to build and deliver an experience that will be remembered long after going offline when the event has ended.

Looking for a way to provide that experience?  Charcuterie gifts remain a hot commodity and a great option when looking to send virtual event attendees a gift to truly generate excitement.  They offer a wide variety of price points and tasty treats to make any recipient ready to dig in.  With branded cutting boards, there is a built-in reminder of an experience shared with friends, colleagues, or customers!

Read on for a few recent case studies, showing the power of gourmet charcuterie gifts for virtual event promo:

CASE STUDY #1: A Celebration Gone Viral

An Illinois distributor was exploring creative ideas to present to his customer who typically hosts a grand event for their employee service member award ceremony - an event filled with food, beverages, joy, laughter, appreciation, and social interaction. They intended to have each of their 450 employees receive a charcuterie board packed with delicious treats to be enjoyed as they celebrated virtually! Maple Ridge Farms shipped their gifts to each individual and placed a full-color label on the outside of each shipping box stating, “Please Wait to Enjoy Until the Virtual Ceremony”.

Challenge: They wanted to capture the same sentiment virtually, as they do in person while celebrating their service member awards in-style.

Solution: A gourmet food gift was selected allowing each attendee to enjoy a flavor from the robust charcuterie tray. The elegant cutting board was fire-branded with the company’s name and packaged with a classy greeting card highlighting the event.

Results: The full-color label placed on the shipper box was a brief note to save the treat to be enjoyed during the celebration. The event was filled with laughter, joy, satisfied appetites, gratitude, and appreciation for being part of a caring culture.

CASE STUDY #2: Virtual Cocktail Hour

A medical solutions company was looking for a special gift for their virtual staff meeting. The gift was intended for use during a cocktail hour, so the company wanted a gift with nice packaging and presentation. Maple Ridge Farms worked with the company to build a meat and cheese platter that could meet their quantity and budget needs. The gift turned out so well that the company decided to come back to us for another similar project afterward, which they sent to their top clients to show appreciation.

Challenge: They wanted to create a unique gift that would boost a virtual cocktail hour into a memorable experience.

Solution: Maple Ridge Farms developed a platter that paired perfectly with their cocktail hour theme, while delivering tasty treats to snack on, and left the recipients with a lasting reminder in the cutting board that could be used over and again.

Results: The employees raved about it so much that the company decided to send a similar gift to their top 300 clients.

These are just a few examples of how gourmet gifts can help boost a virtual event to the next level and leave the recipients “fully satisfied”! 

Be sure to check out our Resource Center for more informative (and drool-worthy) case studies – as well as our delectable assortment of Cheese & Sausage gifts.


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