Case Histories: 4 Stories of Gourmet Gifts Working Outside of the Holidays


Squadron reunion gifts are a great opportunity.

This blog article is dedicated to sharing case histories with you, so that you can either approach an existing customer with a great idea or target your efforts to the development of new accounts with prospecting tips. For this week’s blog post let’s look at anniversaries, reunions, and parties as applications for food gifts. Here are four non-holiday situations where gourmet gifts worked!

1. Think of this… how many written invitations have you ever kept? Not many, I bet. Well, here’s a fresh invitation idea to present or just a way to make a celebration more exciting. A 25th anniversary college class reunion had the invitation printed directly on a pencil cup. The time, date, place, and college logo were all fire-branded in a crisp and clean presentation. Inside, the pencil cup was filled with fresh-roasted Fancy Cashews and a special RSVP card was inserted. Long after the party, the pencil box served as a reminder of the event.

2. A financial firm used truffles as a table favor at the company’s annual party. A thank-you message from the president of the company was foil stamped on our black and white triangular gift box filled with Cocoa Dusted Truffles. To make the gift even more exciting, one lucky winner opened their box to find that they’d won a grand prize for the night: a new iPad. Maple Ridge Farms can insert more than candy or nuts in a box, and thereby make whatever program you’re trying to create even more personalized.

3. The military market is perfect for prospecting; squadron reunion gifts are a great opportunity. One of our favorite case histories was a photo of an Air Force jet inserted in a Faux Leather Photo Frame Keepsake Box, with the squadron logo imprinted on the inside lid.

4. Our final case study for today is an industry one. A distributor’s daughter was getting married, and asked for some of our chocolate packages for her table favors. She remembered the flavor of our chocolates from invading her father’s self promo stash! The beautiful couple’s names were be foil stamped on one of our elegant boxes, filled with our delicious chocolates.

These are just a few fun ideas to get you thinking about other applications outside of holiday gifts. Stay tuned for other case histories! If you would like some ideas on the type of customer that might be most receptive to food gifts, read our past blog articles: Anatomy of Food Gift Customers . We’d love to hear about any success stories you’ve had selling food gift programs outside the 4th quarter!


Great table favors, foil stamped with the company logo and a message from the president.


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