CASE STUDY: These are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Molly Neises, MAS, Sales

It’s the word you’ve probably heard a thousand times over the last eighteen months… Kitting.

Although a new concept for a lot of distributors and their buyers, it’s nothing new to the team here at Maple Ridge Farms.  We love when we get to explore really creative and unique ideas – often utilizing other promotional products sent to us to kit with our tasty treats.

Let’s start with a fun case history of a project that really embraced holiday gift-giving in a way that celebrated the company’s culture.  Then we’ll share some tips and tricks to create custom kitted gourmet gifts!

CASE STUDY: Holiday Hits!

This kitted project set the mood for the comfort and joy of the holidays while also spotlighting “A few of the company’s favorite things.”

Nestled in a box wrapped with an ugly sweater-patterned sleeve were signature English Butter Toffee and a holiday tradition, Peppermint Bark, but that wasn’t all! 

Kitted alongside the delicious treats was an array of other items that included Little Somethings: Thoughtful Tokens Made for Sharing (from The Book Company), an ugly sweater holiday ornament that matched the decorative box wrap (from EMT), and a portable speaker (from Hirsch Gifts).  To tie it all together, it included an ugly sweater gift card with a QR code to a Holiday Hits playlist on Spotify that featured the company’s employees’ favorite holiday tracks.

Challenge: The company wanted to embrace the holiday spirit with a gift that showed both clients and employees comfort and joy.

Solution: Kitting allowed the company to showcase a few of their holiday favorites, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Results: Recipients were delighted with the unique expression of holiday spirit and felt truly appreciated.

Are you Kitting?

Curating a gift using multiple promotional products showcases your brand and makes it and your message memorable, while creating a unique brand experience!  With over 40 years of experience, we have worked successfully with distributors and customers to create kitted promotional gifts that elevate brands.  We know the ins and outs of kitting, and can help make it a simple, seamless process for everyone involved.

Why Kit?

There are few ways that custom kitted gifts can have a big impact!  Custom kitted gourmet gifts can help to celebrate achievements and hard work, show employees or clients how much you appreciate everything they do, and inspire your team to kick things up to the next level with a motivational selection.

Branding - Create more opportunities for your brand and message to be exposed and shared!

Experience - Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially one that unveils a delicious experience!

Your Way - Create a kitted gift that represents your message and core brand principles!

Fulfilment - We have the team and facility to coordinate, package, and ship your unique gift!

Planning for an Amazing Launch?

We’re here to make the process as easy as possible.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Preparation is key.  Know the message you want to convey, the recipients, and the budget.

2. Provide complete information (or, even better, samples) for the other items you’ll be sending that are to be included in the gift.

3. Contact your distributor for a quote of the complete gift and fulfillment.  They have access to an unlimited variety of promotional products that can be kitted with tasty treats.

4. Then sit back and let us take care of the rest!

Let's Do This!

Kitting may not always seem like a snap, but we can help make the process smoother and well worth it.  Your "behind the curtain” efforts with the custom-designed kit will leave the recipients thankful beyond expectations and enjoying the gourmet experience many times over.


We loved this project so much, we had the team here at Maple Ridge Farms share their favorite holiday tunes and used them to create our own Holiday Hits playlist on Spotify.  Scan the QR code here to enjoy!


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