8 Ways to Use Gourmet Gifts for Incentive and Thank-You Gifts


Food gifts make great mortgage closing gifts.


  1. Every year, we have numerous orders from distributors on behalf of car dealerships for gifts with purchase. Every time a car is sold, the buyer leaves the lot with a food gift in a beautiful package with the dealer’s imprint. Set up as a release program, we ship throughout the year to meet the client’s needs.
  2. Financial institutions send out a Maple Ridge Farms food gifts for every residential and commercial mortgage closing.
  3. Banks use Maple Ridge Farms as a welcome gift for new corporate clients.
  4. Food gifts are popular with insurance companies as thank-you gifts for new accounts.
  5. Real estate firms remain top-of-mind by sending a closing gift in the form of a cheese package, with a cutting board imprinted with their name. The cutting board is used daily in the kitchen as an all-important reminder for the new homeowner to tell their friends and new neighbors about who helped them buy their house.
  6. Food gifts are great for new product launches for everyone from the entertainment industry to manufacturers. Even food companies are a great source for cutting board sales to promote new food launches.
  7. Referral gifts are great repeat business, popularly used by recruiters, the medical industry, and tech firms.
  8. Hospitals use food gifts for their doctors, nurses and volunteers throughout the


    Hospitals use food gifts for their doctors, nurses, and volunteers throughout the year.


These are just a few ideas from our recent survey of our distributor clients on off holiday season sales. If you have a great story, we would love to have you share!