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We know the impact gourmet gifts can have year-round.  They are a tasty way to allow the recipient a complete sensory experience, invoking lasting memories of the gift-giver.  One way to level up that experiential marketing project: include full-color gift options, boosting the power of promo even more!

Read on for recent case studies showing the possibilities full-color gourmet gifts can lend your client’s next project:

CASE STUDY: Hit It Out of the Park!

Challenge: A financial service company wanted to create excitement when launching their annual sales contest. There were many levels of winners, all of which included tickets to the World Series.  They were thinking “baseball” and wanted their employees striving for a home run!

Solution: Maple Ridge Farms created a food gift including a few products from our line, but custom-sourced product as well. The gift box was completed with a baseball-themed full-color custom-printed wrap. Our customer sent in a brochure explaining the contest that we were able to insert into each gift as well!

Results: We individually shipped 1,125 customized gifts, valued at about $25 retail each. Having earned this project for several consecutive years, the results have been outstanding and keep the buyer coming back.

CASE STUDY: Double the Impressions

Challenge: A medical insurance company had an opportunity when planning for an upcoming multi-day health and wellness fair.  The two-day event started with education and general sessions and would continue on a tradeshow floor the next day.  They wanted a way to drive attendees to their booth on that second day.

Solution: The company was able to contribute to the event’s swag bag in a delicious and energizing way.  They chose to include our full-color gable-top gift box, filled with tasty trail mix.  They made sure to include the booth number, as well as a QR code on the back that allowed attendees a sneak peak at what they could learn by stopping by.

Results: The order for 1,000 pieces of our WGB196FC was sent with enough time to allow for kitting into the event bags each attendee would receive.  It was a great way for each recipient to stay energized with a healthy snack as they moved through the event – and led to increased traffic on the show floor. The double impressions for the company expanded their exposure, as well as the return on their investment.

Full-color gift options allow you and your customers the chance to explore an unlimited amount of creativity and on-brand marketing.  It’s easy to combine full-color projects with #FoodGiftLove to create a truly impressive impact.  Need more inspiration?  Our amazing lookbooks are an easy way to share creative gifting ideas with your clients.  You can also check out our line of gifts available with full-color packaging here

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