Become a Superhero with Individual Drop Shipping

Shana Gardner, MAS, Operations

Did you know that Maple Ridge Farms is your individual drop ship expert for gourmet gifting? Partnering with us on drop shipping projects makes you a superhero with myriad powers to save the day—not to mention time, money, and more. Read on to discover some of the awesome capabilities individual drop shipping has to offer:

  • It saves time.

In these days of unreliable transit times, individual drop shipping can help shave off precious time—especially when you're working with a tight in-hands date. Instead of having packages shipped to a distribution center, warehouse, or office for reshipment, drop shipping allows you to shave off precious days in transit by shipping directly to the final location.

  • It saves manpower.

Many buyers don't have dedicated shipping departments, which means that someone will need to take time away from other tasks to handle receiving the shipment and preparing it for reshipment. Even small orders can take a lot of time as the person handling the reshipment has to sort through the recipient list, break apart master cartons, label the individual shippers, and arrange for pick-up or drop-off.

  • It saves money.

It's impossible to miss that shipping costs are rising as carriers deal with staff shortages and the effects of inflation. Individual drop shipping can help cut those costs significantly by doing away with a portion of the transit; instead of shipping to a location for reshipment, drop shipping allows for shipment directly to the final location, thereby cutting out the cost of the original bulk shipping charges. (We can even ship on a third-party UPS or FedEx account if you prefer!)

  • It saves frustration.

Shipping food gifts differs significantly from any other promotional products—it's not like shipping a tumbler or a blanket where all you need is a box! Maple Ridge Farms does nothing but food gifts and has had over four decades to perfect shipping them. We are experts in preparing packages, monitoring temperatures, and calculating transit time to ensure gifts arrive in ready-to-enjoy condition in any weather or circumstance.

  • It allows for hands-off fulfillment.

Custom kitting projects are becoming increasingly popular—and Maple Ridge Farms is a kitting expert! Instead of shipping components or partially-assembled gifts to a fulfillment center, we can streamline the process to put together everything in-house and individually drop ship the complete gift to each recipient.

  • It provides set-it-and-forget-it gift-giving.

Food gifts aren't something you want sitting around in a warehouse—they're best given fresh and delicious. Individual drop shipping allows you to ensure that your recipients get the freshest and most delicious gifts by shipping straight from Maple Ridge Farms to the people who are going to get to enjoy it. (Don't want it right away? Just let us know and we'll hold your order to your requested date, then pack it up just before shipment!)

Need help getting started with individual drop shipping? Our Gift Specialists are happy to help with any questions you may have! You can also download our pre-formatted address list spreadsheet and check out the General Information section of our website for additional information.


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