The Transcendent Experience of Chocolate

Shana Gardner, MAS, Operations

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we know chocolate is on your mind (just like ours), but chocolate is more than just a sweet treat—it can be transcendent. We don't just claim that; we have evidence to prove it!

That transcendent aspect is what we're going to explore using some of our gourmet chocolates, so be prepared for things to get a little steamy.

  • Cinnamon Churro Toffee
    • Tease your taste buds with the incomparable experience of our churro toffee. Just because it's vanilla, it doesn't mean that it can't be spicy, too. The first bite gives you an unforgettable taste of sweet spiciness, thanks to a unique blend of cinnamon and sugar that tops each piece, layered over a delectable creamy coating that smooths over your palate with a delicate hint of vanilla. All of that deliciousness sets the stage for the toffee center to shine, which it does amazingly well; it shows off its rich flavors as you enjoy it to the end.
  • English Butter Toffee
    • Have you ever had a foodgasm? You know, when you eat that particular food that's just so good that you go weak in the knees, your eyes roll back, and you may need a moment? If you haven't, then you've never tried our English butter toffee. Each toffee center is lovingly crafted from only the finest ingredients; creamy butter, pure sugar, and roasted almond pieces come together to create something almost ambrosial. It gets better, though: every piece is enrobed in thick, rich milk chocolate and dressed with crushed almonds for the perfect final touch. Take your time and savor it. Nibble off the chocolate, then crack off a piece of the toffee and let it sit on your tongue. As it melts away, close your eyes and focus on the creamy sweetness until it's all gone. Then try it again!
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
    • When your teeth crack through the rich dark chocolate wrapped around caramel made with loads of heavy cream, you'll take a bite of a little bit of heaven. Draw out each piece and truly appreciate what five generations of perfection tastes like as the caramel melts in your mouth. The sprinkles of sea salt impart a sharpness that only enhances the experience, blending with the mouth-watering flavors and creating a memory that will stay with you long after you've enjoyed the last piece.
  • Dark Chocolate Lemon Creams
    • Subtle lemon cream lies hidden within a shell of exquisite dark chocolate, just waiting to be discovered. Your first bite through the chocolate and into the dreamy, creamy center lets the lush combination of sweet and sour wrap around your tongue. The flavors play beautifully off of each other, building to a sumptuous peak you won't soon forget.

Did we leave you lost in a delectable chocolate dream? Don't worry—you're not alone! Chocolate has that effect on people, which members of our team discussed on a recent episode of Industry Insider.

Emotions are powerful and, simply put, chocolate has the power to evoke those emotions. Just imagine the potential exquisite gourmet chocolate gifts have to affect your recipients! Share the power of chocolate.

Have some chocolicious memories of your own? We'd love to hear from you! Share them with us on social media.


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