Molly Neises, MAS, Sales
If you feed them, they will come.

Slowly but surely, live events are returning.  Our team was ecstatic to attend the recent industry expo in Las Vegas last month.  Anytime we get to share the #FoodGiftLove is a thrill for us!  We love to watch as they savor our sweet and salty snacks while their eyes light up and listen to the sighs of delight as they take in the tasty treats.  It’s always an experience for us, along with our customers.

We had a rep on our team who used to call our food “people bait” for any show booth.  This year proved to be no exception.  Our chocolate shipment was delayed a day, but we had samples of our new gourmet popcorn on hand.  We even paired it up with a fun photo booth promotion that kept things “poppin’” in our booth!

When the chocolate arrived the next day, our team couldn’t unbox it fast enough!  Show attendees were reaching over our shoulders as we unpacked to be the first to enjoy some delectable bites.  (And while they enjoyed, we were able to share some tips, tricks and trends!)

For years, our distributor partners have seen similar success.  You don’t have to be selling food to use it to draw a crowd.  Tradeshows, job fairs, college fairs, and the like are all typically long days of walking around and exploring what the event has to offer.  Using gourmet bites to draw them in while offering a bit of sweet or savory energy creates an impression they will remember long after the event is over!

Read on for a few recent case studies showing the power of gourmet treats at tradeshow and other exhibitor-type events:


Everyone needs a pick-me-up once in a while, and a delicious energy boost was exactly what an Arizona-based employment agency was looking for as a hand-out when exhibiting at regional job fairs.  They worked with their promotions and marketing partner and landed on our Cranberry Walnut Mix Snack Packs (CL1503). The treats made an impact, drawing attendees to their booth for a sweet and salty snack!

And a large construction company attended a job fair at a local technical college. They brought our Jumbo Pistachios (CL1504) and put images of bricks on the label with their company name and contact information, and included the message, “Join us in building the next masterpiece.”

CASE STUDY: College Fairs

A technical college located in Ohio wanted a fun way to attract prospective students attending college fairs throughout the area. They thought a yummy treat would get the kids’ attention - and they were right! They ordered a selection of our Custom Labeled Treats. It worked so well that they continued ordering them in different flavors to mix things up.

CASE STUDY: Tradeshows

The Chamber of Commerce of a large city was hosting a booth at an annual tourism and travel trade show.  They wanted a give-away that would help draw attendees into their booth and thought that an edible giveaway would be perfect.  They went with our Gourmet Triple Mix Popcorn (CL1705), labeled with their city emblem and the words "Visit Us! Things are Poppin’ Here!”

These are just a few examples of how gourmet snacks and treats can help boost a show traffic to the next level and leave the attendees fully satisfied!  Be sure to check out our Resource Center for more informative (and drool-worthy) case histories – as well as our delectable assortment of Gourmet Snack Packs!.

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again:  “If you feed them, they will come!” 


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