Think Positive and Make the Sale!

Mikelti Metropulos, Sales

One of the hardest things we must do as salespeople is to always make sure to stay positive and upbeat, even when the times are challenging. One of the biggest things I have learned to adapt is Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). In simple terms, that means to leave your baggage aside when you start work for the day. That may sound a lot easier than it is!

Below are some simple steps that can help you start with a positive attitude the very moment you wake up in the morning, and keep it throughout your day:

1.   Find Your Rhythm in the Morning

From the moment you roll out of bed to the first key stroke on your keyboard, keep your rhythm going!  We are all aware that morning routine can get easily disrupted and set us off for the entire day.  Being adaptable and keeping your daily rhythm is key!

2.   Know It’s Okay to Step Away to Calm Down

We all get overwhelmed at times. In those moments, make sure to take a step back and let yourself calm down and breathe. It can be as simple as moving away from your desk to grab a drink or snack – or simply closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. A few moments to yourself will help you re-center your energy and move forward with your day.

3.   Have Confidence…

You can do it! Have confidence in yourself and your ability as a salesperson. Sometimes it’s easy to doubt yourself. But when you do, others will pick up on that as well. In turn, it is easier to make a sale if you are remaining positive and confident in yourself. Believe you can accomplish your goals and go after them!

4.   … And Be Positive You Will Make the Sale

This starts with the confidence we talked about. If you walk into a meeting with the confidence that you will close the sale, it’s more likely that it will happen. Simply walking in with the thought of a sale already cinched will guide the sale naturally in that direction. Because, just as it sounds, PMA is about actively thinking positively. As writer William Arthur Ward said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.”

5.   Do Not Dwell on Losses

It is easy to lose heart when you hear a final “no” or “we are going in a different direction”. But you cannot let that get you down. Otherwise, you will carry that into your next call, meeting, or pitch. Instead of dwelling on the loss, take it as a learning experience on what you could have done differently. Learn and grow from it.

6.   Set Small Goals

If you have a large goal you are looking to achieve, try making a list of smaller, more easily achievable goals to tackle first. You will be able to keep track of what you have accomplished and see the success you have. You will stay motivated and focused, instead of feeling inadequate for not being able to reach a huge goal in one step.

7.   Do Not Be Afraid to Celebrate a Successful Sale

It’s okay—take the time to be proud of a closed sale or an accomplished goal. That feeling is one of the biggest reasons we do what we do. Always be a good sport and don't gloat, but do take a few moments to enjoy a sense of pride and accomplishment. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and share that gratitude with your customer.  The relationship you are building will grow stronger and last longer when you celebrate the wins together!

8.   Remember Why You are Doing This in the First Place

The whole objective in sales is to determine what it is your customer needs – and offer the best solution! Help them discover their pain points as well as their inspiration and ideas. By helping them achieve their goals, you are achieving yours.  

Sales (and promotional sales in particular) can be exciting and fun, while at times testing our positivity and focus.  By implementing these few simple steps, you are setting yourself up to maintain a PMA – even when times get tough. Making the choice to stay positive (even when it’s difficult to do so), will help lay the groundwork for happiness and success.