Positive Work Environments Create a Successful Mindset

Stephanie Bishop, Contributor

How and where we work have an enormous impact on performing our duties, achieving our goals, and creating what each individual, business or organization deems as “success”. Just as in our homes and personal lives, our basic professional needs require accommodation to effectively function, and move forward, unfettered by distractions, annoyances, or negativity. A sort of “feng shui” approach to our workplace can dramatically improve our attitudes and satisfaction and facilitate a successful mindset.

Are your physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs provided for in your workplace?  Do you feel a positive flow of energy as you begin work each day?


A pleasant, clean, safe, and secure workspace is inviting, comfortable and welcoming. It relaxes our minds to concentrate on our tasks at hand. A comfortable chair, ergonomic station, good lighting and ventilation, and the proper tools to do your job should all be taken into consideration. Simple organization, a nice pen, or personal touches like family photos or seasonal decorations bring comfort and a sense of home.

Comfortable temperatures, clothing and eliminating ambient sounds can make or break a workspace. Are you hungry or thirsty? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you working through your lunch, never taking a break? Address your basic health and well-being. Take a break, stretch and fuel your body. Is your work/life balance in balance? Does your workplace encourage meeting these needs?


Clear communication, trust, good leadership and a bit of fun go a long way to create motivation, enthusiasm and productivity. Our thoughts create our reality. Positivity encourages development of optimistic attitudes, team spirit and a desire to contribute, participate and go the extra mile. Defining our visions, values and goals, effectively conveying them and working toward their achievement with a bit of laughter, adaptability and fun creates a sense of family, belonging and acceptance. Conquering a challenge in an affirmative culture is stimulating and exciting. Consider how you might bring more levity and productivity to your coworkers and team.

Spiritual & Emotional

Feeling acknowledged, appreciated, rewarded and valued in our workplace fills a deep, basic human need. Feeling our contributions have made an impact, and that our work matters, is most often key as to whether we stay in a position or move on. Simply recognizing these actions verbally or in writing, and thanking our co-workers, creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and reinforces positive behaviors. Perks, financial compensation, treats, and awards give a sense of growth and happiness when we achieve professional, personal and financial goals. We feel a sense of safety and an “I/We can do this!” this mentality.

Positivity breeds positivity. A positive environment encourages optimism, confidence and growth. Simple changes to our work environments effectively change our attitudes and outlook. Consistently taking steps toward happiness and positivity daily and is key to our success. We can never go wrong by speaking kindly, supporting our teams and coworkers, and treating every individual with respect and encouragement. Thriving work cultures start with maintaining safe, healthy work environments.


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