Individual Shipping with Maple Ridge Farms: As Easy as 1-2-3

Shana Gardner, CAS, Operations

Over Maple Ridge Farms’ 40+ years of business, we’ve become experts in providing stellar service—including extras you may not know that we offer.  One of those hidden gems is individual shipment.  Find out why individual shipping with us is as easy as 1-2-3, and how it can smooth your holiday gift-giving and allow you to focus on building relationships instead of stress over shipping.

1.) It saves the extra (figurative) stamp—and a lot of hassle.

Shipping directly to individual recipients removes the need for reshipment; it cuts out the middleman and simplifies the logistics of gift delivery.  Instead of having to sort through the recipient list, break apart the master cartons, label each individual mailer, and arrange for the pick-up or drop-off, which can take a lot of very valuable time away from other tasks, you can send the recipient list directly to Maple Ridge Farms and we’ll take care of the rest!  (Get great rates with UPS or FedEx?  We can ship on a third-party account to make it even easier.)

2.) It ensures that every recipient is able to fully enjoy their gift.

In the past, shareable office gifts such as towers and large cheese boards have been extremely popular options, but times they are a-changin’.  The onset of COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented shift to remote work.  Shareable gifts are still great for those working in the office, but anyone who isn’t misses out on the experience and impact of your gift.  Shipping individually direct to each recipient, especially those working remotely, ensures that no-one is left out.

3.) It can accommodate special needs, like kitting.

Did you know that we kit?  We do!  You can send us other items, such as specific insertions or other promotional products, and we’ll assemble the complete gift, which we can then ship directly to each individual recipient.  No more shipping all of the moving parts to you or your client for assembly.  Couldn’t be simpler!

Need some help to get started?  We have a convenient pre-formatted spreadsheet for address list submission.  (We even have a helpful video with tips to make it easy!)  The General Information section of our website also has helpful information.  Have more questions?  Reach out to our Customer Service team to answer any other questions you may have.