Beyond the Scale: How to Take a Fresh Approach to Your Wellness Program

Maple Ridge Farms Team

Wellness programs have become commonplace in corporate America, but they tend to have the same goal: weight loss. While that can be beneficial, don’t neglect other areas of your employees’ health and wellness that are just as important. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your wellness program or relaunch it with new goals.

Focus on Your Employees’ Whole Selves

It’s crucial that your team can bring their whole selves to work, so they will be happy and productive. If a team member shares that they’re struggling with something at home or in another area of life, offer whatever help or resources you can to resolve the issue. An effective wellness program should incorporate your employees’ physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Where should you start? Ask your employees what they want from a wellness program and incorporate their feedback. How do they like to exercise now? Do some team members already get together outside of work to hike or enter 5Ks or Fun Runs? How can you help your team boost their mental health?

Create a survey to gather your team’s feedback or meet with them in a way that works best for your organization. Have a small team? Arrange a Happy Hour to gather feedback and generate ideas in a fun environment. Work at a larger company? Have departments, divisions or teams meet independently and pull everyone’s feedback together for further discussion and implementation.

Incorporate Healthy Snacks


We're a little nutty... about nuts, that is!

While you’re meeting with your team, have healthy snacks to enjoy. People love to snack because snacks fit their lifestyle: they’re convenient, portable and efficient. Instead of discouraging your employees from snacking, help them incorporate delicious, nutritious snacks in their lives—and bring them into your workplace.

We offer an array of healthy snacks that will fuel your team without derailing your wellness goals. From a variety of nuts and seeds to granolas and trail mixes, you can find a snack that satisfies your employees’, clients’, visitors’ and event attendees’ cravings and preferences.

In fact, nuts and seeds are an often overlooked source of nutrients in delicious packaging. Cashews, almonds and pistachios alone deliver loads of nutrition, including copper, magnesium, iron, vitamin B6 and other essential vitamins and minerals. Almonds also contain polyphenol antioxidants that help fight cancer and heart disease—about the same amount as broccoli and green tea!

Our healthy snacks are available in various sizes and packaging, including gourmet snack packs. These custom labeled treats deliver our gourmet food in smaller sizes for a convenient, portable, germ-free and delicious snack wherever you go.

Keep them in the office for your team and visitors to enjoy. Hand them out at events, so you don’t have to worry about food safety or germs spreading. Give them to employees before they head out on trips, so they have snacks available at their fingertips. When you enjoy healthy snacks to satisfy cravings, you’re more likely to make healthier choices at your next meal.  

Broaden Your Idea of Healthy Foods

While you’re incorporating healthy snacks into your routine, take a step back and broaden your idea of what foods are “healthy” in general. Aim to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, and supplement your produce intake with a varied diet.

So many foods can be part of your healthy lifestyle, including nuts and seeds, cheese, turkey and even dark chocolate. Cheese is rich in calcium, protein, and vitamins that are essential for everything from bone strength to glowing skin. Turkey is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients, especially B vitamins. Dark chocolate is high in fiber, iron, magnesium, copper and other minerals while packing powerful antioxidants.

Few foods are all good or all bad, so feel free to enjoy a little bit of everything in moderation. Vary your diet so you don’t become tired of healthy foods and reach for unhealthy choices out of boredom or for some variety. As foodies, we can tell you there are many delicious foods out there, so be adventurous and try new tastes and flavors! (Looking for recommendations? Ask us! We’re happy to share.)

When You Indulge, Don’t Settle

When you do want to indulge, don’t settle. Now is the time to be picky and get what you want, not what’s convenient. Look for premium ingredients that make all the difference and elevate a sweet treat from dessert to an experience.

We know all about premium ingredients on the Farm because they meet our high standards. Ready to indulge? Enjoy our mouthwatering milk chocolate, creamy golden caramel, sumptuous dark chocolate lemon creams or rich, creamy cocoa dusted truffles crafted in the centuries-old tradition of Europe's finest chocolatiers. If you’re craving rich, premium chocolate, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy your indulgence! Savor every bite and relish your decadent tasting experience; don’t feel guilty and ruin it. A healthy lifestyle is a long-term game, so it makes sense to indulge and enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. Indulging occasionally will help you make healthy choices the rest of the time.

Food is the fuel that powers us through our days. It’s not some necessary evil that we should deny ourselves as much as possible to be healthy. There are so many tastes and flavors which can be a part of your healthy lifestyle, so enjoy them—and indulge occasionally.

Whether you’re enjoying a healthy meal or a sweet treat, seek out food experiences as much as possible. Visit a local farmer’s market to meet the people who grow your food. Have lunch with a friend or colleague to catch up with them and share what’s going on in your life too. Host a cookout for your team, family or neighbors. Remember, life is an experience; you won’t find it in a vending machine or drive-thru.

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