And Now for Something Completely Different: 2018 New Gift Scavenger Hunt

Shana Gardner, Operations

Here at Maple Ridge Farms, we love this time of year for one big reason: It's when all of our new products launch!

We also love our new product spotlight posts, but it's time for a change.  This year, instead of featuring our new items in a spotlight, we're going interactive with a scavenger hunt!

The scavenger hunt includes clues for 10 of our new gifts, all found in the New section of  Once you've found the item that matches each clue, just enter the item number into the answer field.  Each clue has only one correct answer, so be sure to read them carefully.

Every distributor who participates will receive a prize, plus a special gift for those who score 90% or above.  Don't forget to provide your accurate contact information at the end so we can follow up with your prize.

The deadline to qualify for the prize is July 31, 2018, so don't delay!

Follow the S.S. Gourmet to start the scavenger hunt!