Learn the Lingo: 10 Words that Sell Food Gifts!

Molly Neises, Sales

Here at the Farm, we are often asked for tips and tricks to sell food gifts.  During a recent conversation, I described our new Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake as "decadent" and the distributor I was speaking with was thrilled.  She said, "That word is perfect. It will sell the project.  They were looking for something indulgent!"

That got me thinking.  Our team is passionate about our products and service - and it's evident in the way we speak about it with our customers, who then pass the sentiment along to their buyers.  I sat down with some of our award-winning team members and asked a simple question... What words do they use to sell food gifts?  What do those words mean to them?

Merriam-Webster may have definitions of the words we use to describe our gourmet gifts - but these same words can often help "seal the deal" and open a customer's eyes to the wide realm of possibilities for food gifts.  Read on to learn the lingo that can help boost your food gift sales!  (And be sure to download the full deck of slides when you are done.  They are interactive with fun links hidden throughout them!)