Who Purchases Food Gifts?


Who purchases food gifts? Click on the graph above to see a breakdown of our 2011 sales.

A very common question that we hear from distributors is “What types of companies purchase food gifts?”  While food gifts appeal to buyers in many industries, certain industries purchase more food gifts than others year after year.  Based on 2011 sales, we have identified these industries.  Today we will look at the top three.

The banking industry led the pack with 15% of sales in 2011.  Any bank is a great candidate, but community and regional banks made up the majority of these sales.  There are many possibilities when presenting a bank with food gift ideas.  Loan officers may send a food gift to a new mortgage customer after closing or thank someone for their referral.  A bank may also want to thank their top customers or even their employees.  Click the link below for an example.


At 13%, the financial services industry came in a close second.  Financial advisors purchased the most food gifts.  Taxes and accounting firms are also great prospects.  Like the banking industry, food gifts may be used for new customers, existing customers or referrals. 

A distributor in Denver discovered that one of his customers, a mortgage company, needed a new idea for closing gifts.  Click here for the details

The third industry may you surprise you.  Hospitals and others in the medical industry accounted for 11% of our total sales in 2011.  Hospitals and clinics purchased the most food gifts along with medical equipment and service companies.  Even some veterinary clinics purchased food gifts.  Referrals, self-promotions and thank you gifts are very popular in the health care industry. 

A hospital in Mississippi wanted to thank their staff on Nurse’s Day (May 6).  Click here for the details.

Stay tuned for my next post on three more industries that purchase food gifts.