Expanding the Market: Food Gifts Outside the Fourth Quarter


     Gourmet treats showcasing a stylish   imprint  are welcome gifts for any occasion.

When salespeople think of food gifts, they think “holidays” or “fourth quarter”.  Well, here at Maple Ridge Farms we understand the impact that gourmet food gifts can have all year long.  It’s true that food gifts are a natural and welcome fit throughout the fall and winter holidays, but they can also increase your sales year-round when you remind your customers how well they work in a variety of promotional situations.

We have all heard the saying, “The way to their heart is through their stomach.”  Delectable treats have a mass appeal because of the sheer delight of satisfying food.  A recent PPAI report shows that when recipients were asked which type of promotional products they preferred to receive, their top choices tended to align closely with the distributors’ most popular sellers.  The most notable exception was the strong inclination recipients expressed for food gifts.  “Answers to the product popularity question portray a population afflicted with the munchies; items that can be consumed – food gifts – were most frequently mentioned (58%).”

This being said, gourmet gifts make great additions for a range of program types, as well as annual and one-time events.  Company Store and Release Programs are a great fit for these year-round sales opportunities!  What better way to say, “Thank you for your business,” or take a moment to honor an important client’s or employee’s birthday or anniversary than with a tasty morsel?  Placing food gifts in release programs and company stores also hit the mark for referral gifts and retirement gifts, and well as being a great way to welcome new customers and employees.  Check in with your suppliers to confirm the program options they offer!

Programs aside, food gifts are great marketing tools for new product launches and inspiring brand promotion.  Because sweets appeal to a wide audience, they make unique and memorable medium for brand awareness.  The same holds true for boosting employee morale and as incentives for hitting company goals.  A sharable treat can do wonders in an office setting.


Sending a gift imprinted with your logo increases the impact while your recipient enjoys these tasty treats!

In today’s competitive market, customer loyalty is crucial, both for your customer and yourself.  Is your client looking for a way to keep their name on the lips of their customer base?  Why not recommend sending a token of their appreciation in the form of gourmet cheese and sausage, or a tower overflowing with epicurean delights?  Increase the impact by suggesting a gift that carries the customer’s logo.

On the note of customer loyalty, increase your own brand recognition by using delectable food gifts for your own self promotion.  Choosing a gourmet gift that includes a “leave behind” aspect, such as a desktop accessory, will keep them thinking of you all year long!  Be sure to touch base with your suppliers, as many offer discounts for selecting their products for your self-promo needs.

Let’s not forget about tradeshows!  We all know that at industry shows and conferences, the booth with the best giveaways sees the most traffic.  And the more traffic, the more brand awareness accomplished.  Every time you showcase your business at a tradeshow, you are investing time and money into your brand.  You are also competing for the time and attention of qualified prospects attending the event.  Make sure that you are giving them a reason to stop by and check you out!  Delicious home-style cookies, heavenly chocolate treats, and other delightful tidbits have a history of drawing in the crowds! 

So, whether your customer is looking for a unique promotional gift or marketing inspiration, or you are searching for a way to remind them that you are a great source for all of their promotional and gift needs, gourmet food gifts can be the stand-out idea to seal the deal all year long!