Self Promotion in the First Quarter: Make Food Work for You

Shana Gardner, Operations

The holidays are here and gone and with them most clients’ thoughts of food gifts. It doesn’t need to be that way, though! Food gifts can have year-round applications, and featuring them in a first-quarter self promotion campaign is a great way to remind your clients of their versatility.

For many years in Fall, Maple Ridge Farms has run our successful One Taste program—for a special price, we send out gifts with your business card to your top 20 clients and prospects. It’s great for generating excitement and interest in holiday food gift programs, and many distributors take advantage of it every year to keep themselves in their clients’ minds for those programs. What better way to be remembered than as the sender of a delicious treat, after all?

You might think that sending a self-promotion food gift in the first quarter is akin to closing the gate after the cows have gotten out, but that’s not the case at all! The first and second quarters are rife with events perfect for promotional food gifts. Whether your client needs individually-wrapped items for a trade show, a small gift as a table favor at a company event, an elegant thank-you gift for a speaker, or something else entirely, food can fill the niche. Don’t forget company anniversaries, grand opening events, milestone celebrations, job fairs, open houses, and conferences—they all offer excellent opportunities for promotional food gifts, but sometimes you need to help your client realize just how well-suited they are.

That’s where your self-promotion comes in! We’ve revamped our One Taste program for the first quarter, but kept it as easy as ever. For the same low price as the standard program, we’ll send our red Premium Delights gift box with your choice of our pecan turtles or chocolate sea salt caramels to your top 20 clients and prospects, with your logo in gold on the gift box and your business card tucked inside. All you need to do is send us your art, mailing list, and business cards—it’s that easy! Your clients get to enjoy gourmet chocolate and you will be kept at the forefront of their mind for those food-friendly projects.


Small gift box with chocolate sea salt caramels

Follow-up is naturally key to success with any self-promotion, and Maple Ridge Farms has tools to help you, including script suggestions for phone and email. We want to provide you with anything you may need to close the deal and secure that extra business.

Interested? Give us a call or send us an email for an order form and additional information—any of our Sales Consultants would be happy to help you increase your first-quarter sales!