Behind the Scenes at Maple Ridge Farms

Mary Kate Riordan, Social Media

We would like to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who helped make 2018 the fantastic and exciting year it was. Let us show you a little of what goes on behind the scenes in our busy holiday season.

This year we shipped around 5,000 pallets of product, that’s about 800,000 beautiful gifts on their way to happy recipients!

Nothing creates excitement like chocolate! We shipped over 450,000 pounds of chocolate in our gifts. Oh and not to forget our finest, freshly roasted nuts – over 120,000 pounds shipped to lucky gift recipients!

Our ribbon really does tie together the perfect gift! We produced over 1,000,000 feet of ribbon in 2018. Our ribbon imprinting machines are able to imprint at a rate of 100 feet per minute!

Additionally, our skilled imprinting crew firebranded over 700,000 items with your customer’s logo this holiday season! Lasting reminders of a wonderful gift!

We like to keep things warm and personable at Maple Ridge Farms. Our receptionists answered approximately 12,000 calls, and our dedicated in-house customer service agents answer over 400,000 emails. Our order service department processes over 8,000 orders and our art department about 15,000 pieces of art and over 7,000 Virtuals!

So how do we keep our staff so knowledgeable? Our staff increases by over 1000% in the fourth quarter. We take extra measures to make sure that everyone on our team is thoroughly trained before the holiday rush. Every team member receives an average of 100 hours of intense training in order to provide our award-winning service.

From all of us here at the Farm, we would like to say “Thank you for a wonderful 2018 season and we wish you a safe and prosperous 2019!”