9 Facts to Know Before Purchasing Food Gifts: Facts 5-9


Your client's time is valuable. Save them time spent shopping for food gifts by making them aware of your services!

In our previous blog post, we featured four facts to present to your clients about why they should order their food gifts through you, rather than through a retail store, mail-order company, or online merchant.  We hope that you found them helpful!  Here are the remaining five:

5 - Our gifts are jam-packed full of the finest premium chocolates, fresh-roasted nuts and other gourmet treats.
When your client purchases a gift from a retail store, mail-order company, or online merchant, it is difficult for them to evaluate the quality of their gift before their purchase.  When they order through you, you are able to assuage their concerns!  All items in our gifts are delicious gourmet food.  Maple Ridge Farms does not compromise on quality, so every item in every gift is guaranteed scrumptious, and we don't fill our gifts with the fluff, air, or inexpensive fillers that you'll find with many of the retail stores, mail-order companies, and online merchants.  We are also happy to work with you to get samples of our gifts into your clients' hands, so that they can discover the superior quality themselves--contact our customer service team for more information.

6 - We can arrange shipment to you, your client, or directly to each recipient.
When your client purchases their gifts through you, their shipping options are nearly limitless.  We are able to ship to you as a distributor, in bulk to your client, or directly to each recipient--or any combination thereof!  We have mastered the fine art of packaging and shipping our gourmet gifts to fit your clients' needs.

7 - No catalogs or promotional literature in your client's gifts.
How often have you or your client opened a shipment and had to dig through a pile of catalogs and flyers just to get to the actual item?  By ordering through you, your client can avoid this aggravation!  With gifts from Maple Ridge Farms, they will never have this problem; we do not include catalogs or other promotional literature in any order, so the first thing the recipient sees will be their lovely gift, not our advertisements.

8 - Maple Ridge Farms will build customized gifts to meet your taste, promotion or budget.
When your client purchases their gifts through a retail store, mail-order company, or online merchant, what they see is their only option; they aren't able to make changes or substitutions.  When they order through you, however, a world of possibilities opens.  Maybe your client loves our Tower of Favorites but would rather have more chocolate instead of nuts.  Maybe your client wants our Gourmet Sampler Tower but needs only kosher items.  Or maybe your client wants to include another promotional item or unique packaging.  Maple Ridge Farms is happy to help!  Our years of experience go into each custom request, ensuring that you are able to present your client with the options they want, whatever they may be.

9 - No risk... because all gifts come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
Neither you nor your client need to worry--Maple Ridge Farms stands behind our products.  Should your client be unsatisfied for any reason, we're happy to work with you to do what it takes to make it right.

Save your clients the hassle and headache, and make certain they know you're their first line for those food gifts!