2012 Fun Facts: Maple Ridge By the Numbers

With the 2012 season now in the rear-view mirror, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some interesting tidbits of Maple Ridge Farms information: 


Custom gifts allow our customers to create that special gift they are looking for!

  • With 26 full-time year-round employees here at the “Farm” our staff increases by over 1000% in the fourth-quarter!  We have about 300 employees on-hand during the busy season to help assure your gifts shipped on time!

  • We love constructing custom gift ideas.  This last year our team of experts helped to create over 750 different custom gifts for our customers!

  • Every order counts!  In 2012, we processed orders ranging from a single gift to orders with more than 12,000 gifts (and everything in between)!

  • Tried and true, our Wooden Collector's Boxes sold in 2012 laid end-to-end would stretch about 35 miles.  That is the equivalent of over 500 football fields!


  • Our famous English Butter Toffee is always a crowd pleaser!  
    • We sold over 21 tons of toffee in 2012.  This is the equivalent of 1 tour bus and the entire Green Bay Packers roster!

    • The toffee laid end-to-end would also cover over 36.1 miles.  That is long enough to circle the Coliseum in Rome 110 times!    


  • Our Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds are as popular as ever! 
    • Selling over 40 tons of Milk Chocolate Almonds amounts to 4 African Elephants,  3 Rhinos,  2 Giraffes,  2 Zebras…and an entire pride of Lions!



    • When broken down by our estimated serving size, we sold approximately 9.7 million chocolate covered almonds! 

  • Sales of our Wooden Collector’s Vehicles keep rolling along! 
    • In 2012, Maple Ridge Farms sold over 46,000 trucks!

    •  When laid end-to-end the number of vehicles we shipped last year would cross the Brooklyn Bridge 6 times! 


We would like to thank everyone from our wonderful distributors to our fabulous staff for helping us have a great 2012.  We look forward to the opportunity to work together in 2013!