Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Why You Should Consider Setting Up a Holiday Store

In the past, we’ve covered the basics of Company Store programs. Many times, however, what works year-round just doesn’t work for holidays; popular holiday items get lost in the crowd, which means fewer orders for you. What can you do to drive those holiday-shoppers to the recommended items?

Set up a holiday store!


Company stores tend to offer a large number of items in a large number of categories, which means that it can often be difficult to find an item to suit a particular occasion, such as the winter holidays. The plethora of items can be overwhelming to a client, or they may not realize that you offer traditional favorite holiday gifts. This can drive the client away from your company store and straight into the arms of an online merchant, mail-order catalog, or retail store.

We’ve seen a number of distributors generate huge, six-figure food gift sales by setting up separate web stores with a focused selection of items targeted specifically toward holiday gifting. By guiding clients to this holiday store, you’re offering them a good base from which to choose, without them having to wade through hundreds or thousands of promotional products. Promote it heavily through an email and/or telemarketing campaign to make sure that your clients are aware of it.

You don’t have to have a large number of items, either! In fact, these distributors usually offered about a dozen food gifts at various price points along with the same number of other gift items. If you’re not certain which items to include, don’t hesitate to contact your suppliers for recommendations. (Maple Ridge Farms offers a number of resources, including a handy list of bestsellers for your perusal.)

As the store would be set up for holidays, it isn’t something that would need to be active indefinitely; generally, opening it for two months—from mid-September to mid-November—is quite successful. Once the window for ordering holiday gifts has passed, just turn off the site and redirect clients to your main company store—easy peasy!

By setting up a holiday store, you’re able to allow clients to easily navigate holiday gifts, without the fuss of digging through a large quantity of other offerings. Need more information? Just contact one of our Sales Consultants for additional tips!

Have you used holiday stores in the past? Let us know your method for success in the comments.