Celebrate the Magic in Everyday Moments

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss

Our lives are filled with millions of seemingly mundane moments, everyday occurrences that we won’t remember tomorrow. We get through each day while looking forward to the big moments: family vacations, friends’ weddings, the arrival of children and grandchildren, promotions, retirements and so on. These milestone celebrations are indeed fabulous, but then we turn back to our normal, everyday lives.

What if we celebrated the magic in those everyday moments?

From nontraditional holidays to important dates for you or your customers, you can bring more joy and happiness to every day with a little foresight and creativity.


  • Throw a BBQ (or cookout) for National Barbeque (or Hamburger) Month.

  • Recognize nurses, police officers or emergency medical services personnel during their weekly celebrations this month.

  • Give employees “a penny for their thoughts” on Lucky Penny Day (5/23) to encourage feedback and open communication.


  • Host a Start of Summer Blowout for clients and prospects! It’s a subtle reminder that business doesn’t go on vacation and a lot of fun at the same time.

  • Invite your employees to bring their furry friends to the office on Take Your Dog to Work Day (6/24).

  • Partner with a local farmer’s market or bring in a healthy spread to celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month.


  • Throw an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social (with all of the toppings) to recognize your employees’ hard work. It is National Ice Cream Month after all!

  • Hold walking meetings or encourage all employees to take a stroll on Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (6/27).

  • Reward employees and/or say thank you to clients on National Milk Chocolate Day. (We have some ideas…)


  • Throw a picnic to celebrate National Watermelon Day (8/03). Your staff will enjoy getting out of the office on a beautiful summer day.

  • Hold your own Opening Ceremonies or Olympic-style competition to celebrate the Summer Olympics (8/05-8/21) in Rio!

  • Toast marshmallows over a campfire (or get creative) to celebrate National Marshmallow Toasting Day (8/30).


  • Recognize your employees in honor of Labor Day. Plan festivities, recognition and events during an Employee Appreciation Week.

  • Looking for fresh ideas? Hold an Ideas Swap on Swap Ideas Day (9/10).

  • Hold a festival to celebrate the arrival of Autumn! Encourage departments to set up booths to showcase what they do in a fun way.


  • Smile! The first Friday of the month is World Smile Day, a day to perform acts of kindness and make others smile.

  • Go nutty on National Nut Day (10/22)! Celebrate with a nut tasting party or ask employees to bring in their favorite nut-inspired dishes.

  • How can you not love Halloween? Encourage employees to dress up (individually or as departments) and to add a little flair to their work areas. Don’t forget the tasty treats!


  • Celebrate democracy by encouraging employees to vote – at the national polls and at your own election. Casual day vs. catered lunch? Let your employees decide.

  • Help employees quit smoking on Great American Smokeout Day, the third Thursday of November. Offer resources and ask former smokers to share their secrets to success.

  • Surprise your staff with scrumptious French toast on French Toast Day (11/28)! Offer all the toppings and encourage employees to dine together.


  • Get employees in the holiday spirit with delicious brownies on National Brownie Day (12/08)! Wash them down with a cold glass of milk.

  • Have fun on the shortest day of the year! Enjoy hot cocoa and share your favorite winter activities on the Winter Solstice (12/21).

  • Count down to the New Year with your favorite moments of 2016! Have an early New Year’s party to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished this year.

We hope our ideas have made you realize that there’s always a reason to celebrate. Don’t wait for a special moment or milestone; celebrate the magic in everyday moments!

We’ve shared our ideas; now share yours. What everyday moments do you celebrate?


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