Individual Drop Shipment

For extra convenience, your gifts can be drop shipped individually to each recipient within the United States. These charges are in addition to UPS or FedEx residential charges. The cost for this service is $4.00 (G) per carton plus shipping charges for lists correctly submitted and emailed using Maple Ridge Farms' preformatted spreadsheet. For faxed lists, lists in the body of an email, and lists in other formats, the cost is $6.00 (G) per carton. When supplied list does not match the quantity on the purchase order, factory will adjust the order to match the quantity on the shipping list.

PO Boxes: If a list includes PO box addresses, the shipments to these addresses will automatically be via USPS.
Hawaii: If a list includes addresses in Hawaii and the order is for a temperature-sensitive or perishable product, the shipments to these addresses will automatically be upgraded to 2-Day service.
US Territories: If a list includes addresses in US territories, the shipments to these addresses will automatically be via USPS.

An additional charge of $10.00 (g) will apply to individual shipments requiring an insulated carton and ice due to warm temperatures.​

Addresses requiring correction after shipment will incur a charge of $18.00 (x) per carton.

Our primary small package carrier is UPS. In November and December, FedEx limits the number of packages that they will process and accept from us. If you have designated FedEx as a carrier, Maple Ridge Farms is not responsible for shipment delays should FedEx be unable to pick up or process your packages.

Download our pre-formatted address list spreadsheet.

Maple Ridge Farms recognizes that the information contained in customer-supplied mailing lists is of a confidential nature and thus we are committed to safeguarding all mailing lists. All list processing is done in-house and not with outside providers. The only outside entity with whom we share your mailing list is (as required) the carrier (UPS, Federal Express or USPS).