Can I get a paper proof?
Yes, please request a paper proof on your purchase order. We will send the first one at no charge and place the order on temporary hold until we receive your approval. If you should choose to change your artwork, additional art charges may apply and the changes may affect your requested ship date.

Can I get my imprint in a different location, other than the standard location?
On some items in the catalog.

Can I imprint the side and the lid of the wooden collector's boxes?
Yes, the standard imprint area for the collector's box is the lid. If you choose for your order to carry an additional side imprint, the additional costs will be $4.00 (G) per each additional side.

Can you reverse my B/W artwork?
Yes, we can reverse your digital file for a charge for $15.00 (Z).

Can you use shaded (screened) art?
Because of our imprinting processes, shadowing, screens and half-tones cannot be reproduced.

Do you do personalization?

Do you offer faster production time?
Yes, you can access our Free Express Ship items and requirements by clicking on the link on the home page, labeled "Express Ship".

Do you ship to individual recipients?
Yes, to insure that the list will be complete and accurate, you can access a pre-formatted spreadsheet under the individual shipment details in the general information section. These charges are in addition to UPS or FedEx residential charges. The cost for individual shipment directly to recipient is $4.00 (G) per address plus shipping charges for shipments via UPS & FedEx; $6.00(G) for shipments via other carriers. When supplied list does not match the quantity on the purchase order, factory will adjust order to match the quantity on the shipping list.

Do you still have my art from three years ago?
No, Maple Ridge Farms keeps art on file for one year.

Do you still have my artwork from last year?
Yes, please refer to last year's purchase order number.

How do you ship to Canada?
Because of changes in policies, shipments to Canada cannot be accommodated.

I want my imprint as large as possible. How large is your imprint area?
The imprint area for each item is listed in the description information for that item.

Is there an art charge for my logo with a stock design?
If we are supplied with a camera-ready (black and white) digital file, there will be no art charge.

What if I don't have the list typed?
We will process a typed or handwritten list. Please note that Maple Ridge Farms is not responsible for illegible faxed or handwritten addresses.

What is your standard production time?
Maple Ridge Farms standard production time is 5 working days. If you require faster service, please contact our Customer Service Team.

What kind of imprinting method do you use on your ribbons and trucks?
Foil-stamping is the application of colored foil to a product by pressing the foil between a raised, heated die and the product. This process provides a rich imprint.

What kind of imprinting method do you use on your wooden products?
Firebranding is the application of heating a magnesium die to 1000 degrees and bringing it in momentary contact with our wooden products to leave a lasting impression. This process provides a natural brown color.