Correct Format for Electronic Lists

Please read carefully before preparing mailing list.

  • Download a preformatted spreadsheet.
  • Only one shipping list accepted per order.
  • All hidden rows/columns must be removed from the spreadsheet for factory to process.
  • Lists that are not formatted correctly will be returned and considered not complete.
  • Lists containing more than one recipient per address location will be considered and prepared as Individual Drop Shipments at $4.00 (G) per recipient plus shipping charges.
  • All addresses must be submitted in a single worksheet, document or file.
  • We will accept MS Excel or MS Word in PC format.
  • For faxed lists, lists in the body of an email, and lists in other formats, the drop ship charge is $6.00 (G) per carton.
  • Excel files must use the exact field names shown below. The cells must be formatted as text. MS Word files must have the list in a table with the first row containing the field name for the column from the list below.
  • Comma and tab delimited files must have a header row with the field names from below.
  • When supplied list does not match the quantity on the purchase order, factory will adjust order to match the quantity on the shipping list.
  • An additional charge of $15.00 (G) will apply to individual shipments requiring an insulated carton and ice due to warm temperatures.
  • Addresses requiring correction after shipment will incur a charge of $20.00 (Z) per carton.
  • Our primary small package carrier is UPS. Due to FedEx's limited capacity to support daily pickups, we strongly recommend that you use UPS if timely delivery is important. Maple Ridge Farms cannot be responsible for any delays in delivery.
Example MS Excel format. Top row indicates maximum field size
29 30 30 30 25 2 10 20 7
Name Company Bldg/Ste#/Floor Street Address City State Zip Item Qty
John Smith ABC Company  2nd Floor 123 4th St Milwaukee  WI 54455 K102  1
Sales Department 123 Sales    1 Easy St Beverly Hills  CA 90210  GN121  20
  XYZ Company Our Bldg 9 Main St Memphis TN 38118 BT50 10

Either Name or Company may be blank, but not both. Address 2 may be blank. If the item is not the same for all addresses, the 'Item' field must include the Maple Ridge Farms item number. If the quantity per address varies, the 'Quantity' field must include the number of units for that address.