Greeting Cards

Maple Ridge Farms Stock Greeting Cards:

For extra convenience, we are happy to provide a variety of enclosure cards for your gifts. Your message (and logo, if you wish) is printed on the inside of the cards. Please limit your count for messages to 30 words without a logo or 15 words with a logo.

  • Choose the design that you desire and specify on purchase order. Item# is listed under each card. See below.
  • If no card design is designated on order, blank cards will be used with your message printed inside.
  • Cards are printed with black ink and the font is Times New Roman Italic.
  • Same message on all cards: $4.00 (G) per card.
  • Different message on cards requiring matching to recipients: $8.00 (G) per card for all cards.
  • Logos on cards: Black & white logos can be added with a $20.00 (C) Set-up Charge; Exact Reorder Set-up Charge is $10.00 (C). The logo will be placed toward the bottom of the card beneath your message.
  • If layout is not specified, factory will use its best judgment.
  • If a card proof is requested and multiple card messages are being utilized for the order, factory will reference only one message for the proof.
  • Proofs are sent on all layouts that are deemed questionable and order will be placed on hold until the proof is approved.
  • Download our greeting card template here.

Enclosure of Customer Supplied Greeting Card:

For your convenience, we can insert your Greeting Cards at no charge if all cards are the same and are provided with the order.

  • Review bullets below each price grid for maximum card size per item.
  • No charge if all cards are the same and are provided with order.
  • If cards must be matched to individual recipients or groups of recipients or if only certain packages get cards, the charge is $2.50 (G) per card.
  • If cards must be enclosed in provided envelopes, the charge is $0.75 (G) per card.
  • If cards are being sent in envelopes, please leave envelopes unsealed to ensure our ability to accurately match the cards to recipients.
  • Factory will use its best efforts to accommodate cards that exceed gift dimensions; folding and bending of cards may be required.
  • Please include 5 extra cards per order. If enough cards are not provided for your order, Maple Ridge Farms will provide our stock card at $4.00 (G) per card.