Work from Home Gifts

Gifts for Remote Workers

Send a care package to those working from home!

Whether your clients or employees are working from home or in the office, we have gifts to express your gratitude and send a little comfort and joy during these changing times.  Replace the traditional box of meeting donuts, fill in for a cancelled business dinner, or adapt to any other situation you can imagine with an ideal way to get your appreciation across: gourmet food gifts!

Spice up your next virtual meeting with a box of tasty snacks sent directly to each attendee.  Treat your client to delicious chocolates without anyone having to leave their house.  There’s a gift perfect for any occasion or sentiment, from simple boxes to elaborate cheese boards.  Even better, each gift showcases your brand in a deliciously memorable way.

Is there a specific message you’d like to send, but you’re not seeing something that quite matches your vision?  Our gift specialists are ready to help create a uniquely memorable experience, tailored to your desires.

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