Who Purchases Food Gifts? Part 3


Although any industry has the potential for food gift programs, knowing the top purchasers is an excellent way to target your sales.

Although every industry has the potential to purchase food gifts, we have applied our years of experience to determine who the top purchasing industries are. Over the last couple of months, we have spotlighted these top industries. (Revisit the first through third or the fourth through sixth.) Today, I'll be wrapping up the list with the seventh through ninth industries.

With 8% of all orders placed, business services is an industry full of possibilities. Including IT, marketing, consulting, and a variety of other service types, all-told this accounted for 859 orders! Because of the range of services that fall under this heading, the creative options are nearly limitless.

One small software development firm was looking for a way to stand out. The company had a CD that contained trial demonstration versions of their products, but they knew they would have to take a unique approach to get that disc into the hands of potential clients. That’s when their promotions supplier suggested Maple Ridge Farms food gifts. With the large variety of items, they were able to choose two gifts that fit their needs perfectly. The company sent out over 100 of our Gourmet Chocolate Almonds. They also chose to send a dozen larger gourmet towers to a few elite clients that they wanted to really dazzle. They sent Maple Ridge Farms the discs, which were inserted into the packaging at no additional cost. With the company’s logo beautifully presented (and mouth-watering chocolates and nuts inside) it’s a sure bet their recipients remembered where the innovative software came from.

Following close behind with 725 orders—7% of orders overall—is the manufacturing industry. In addition to employee, customer, and event gifts, this industry benefits from a unique way to approach incentive programs.

A photocopier manufacturer offered a trip to the Super Bowl for dealers who exceeded their quota by 50%. At the midway point of the contest, to keep interest high, they sent each dealer our Tailgater consisting of a football-shaped summer sausage, cheese, crackers and a firebranded cutting board. Inside each package was a note reminding them of how much fun they would have at the Super Bowl, and that they only had 4 weeks left to qualify for the trip.

Finally, we have the petroleum & power industry. With 670 orders—6% of orders overall—this industry rounds out the top food gift-purchasing industries. Distributors and oil companies took the top slots within this industry, accounting for 596 of those 670 orders. Because these companies tend to have a broad spectrum of established relationships, they are excellent opportunities for appreciation gifts—but don't think that there aren't plenty of other opportunities with them!

A fuel supplier was getting ready for an industry conference. The supplier's objective was to increase booth traffic from distributors and salesmen. It was suggested to them that a Classic 1927 Tank Truck be placed in the salesmen’s hotel rooms before their arrival at the conference. The nostalgic gift was imprinted with the supplier's logo along with the conference name and date. The model arrived with the ever-popular combination of Jumbo Cashews and Chocolate Covered Almonds, as well as an invitation to visit the supplier's booth for unadvertised specials. The promotion was extremely successful, and the distributors showed up in droves.

Curious about how exactly our order numbers break down? You can view our white paper to see the full analysis of 2011 orders.

Although any company may purchase food gift programs, there are definite trends in the industries that purchase the most. Armed with this knowledge and tailored ideas, strike with confidence! The next great opportunity may be where you never expected to find it.