Thinking Outside the Stock Item

Yikes! What an assignment! Creating a unique food gift package for employees in the food industry. That’s like being asked to design shoes for the shoemaker.

It was December 2010, and Lynn Yarbrough of Gigmark Interactive Media/TPS3’s fourth year as a distributor. This was her first food gift project. Step one was easy. She presented her client with food samples from several vendors. They liked Maple Ridge Farms’ treats the best. 

Step two: Lynn’s client wanted to include a custom keepsake for year-round use that was also appropriate for the holidays. Lynn found a glass cheese platter fashioned from a cobalt blue colored wine bottle – a perfect match to the client’s corporate colors. She then suggested pairing the platter with a stainless-steel cheese knife. Done deal – almost.

The next challenge? Packaging. At Maple Ridge Farms we aren’t typically keen on shipping glass. It’s especially risky during the busy holiday season as transportation companies get overloaded with boxes and deadlines.

But once we had samples of the cheese platter, our development team was able to figure out how to secure the gift for the rigors of cross-country travel. We successfully shipped 800 individual gifts to Lynn’s clients, across the country, without breakage.