Product Safety Awareness in the Promotional Products Industry

We all want to do business with ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible companies. Not only is it the right thing to do, it is good business! Doing business with responsible companies leads to higher standards in safety, quality and integrity of products, ensuring satisfied customers and employees.


PPAI identifies 508 suppliers as early adopters of the Product Safety Awareness Program.

PPAI has a Product Safety Awareness Program aimed at educating industry suppliers about these issues. It was created to “create confidence in promotional products as an advertising medium…” PPAI identifies 508 suppliers registered as Early Adopters of this program. It is a required program for any company that wants to gain access to the PPAI marketplace, including trade show exhibit space. To participate in this program, suppliers must designate at least one employee to serve as a product safety ambassador, and undergo a training program on subjects such as state and federal safety regulations, potential hazards, and ethical employment practices.

PPAI also has an established Code of Conduct which has been adopted by 1086 companies. By accepting this code suppliers are assuring their customers of their commitment to ethical and responsible conduct. Nice to know that we have such responsible industry!

Check with your suppliers on their individual safety policies. Maple Ridge Farms has a product safety and social compliance statement that applies specifically to our product line. The Maple Ridge Farms facility is registered with, and regulated, and subject to inspection by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition, Maple Ridge Farms is licensed, inspected and regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety. These agencies perform random site inspections, during which the following are verified:

  • Facility meets Federal and State requirements and conditions

  • Safe food handling and storage practices are in place

  • Personnel are trained in health and hygiene issues

  • Food products are properly stored and labeled

Our complete statement is available upon request to distributors. Any respected promotional product supplier will be happy to provide you with their compliance strategies for products.

For additional information on how you as a distributor can stay on top of safety issues, check out this blog article:  10 Ways to Get Up to Speed Quickly on Product Responsibility. Your knowledge about the extent of your supplier’s safety compliance measures will make you stand out as an expert with your clients.


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