More than Tradition(al): Maple Ridge Farms Innovations

Shana Gardner, Operations

The Maple Ridge Farms line has a classic appeal, but we are more than just a classic.  Through initiatives and planning, we are pushing beyond traditional to embrace new opportunities for not only product, but also company culture.


Speakers and towels and tumblers, oh my!  What’s better than food gifts?  Food gifts paired with other promotional products!  We were a driving force in a collaboration with fellow suppliers Chameleon like, Towel Specialties, Hirsch Gifts, EMT, and Redwood Classic for a series of lifestyle shots by Brian Stidham.  It was an exciting opportunity to open the door and demonstrate promotional products in the wild—perfect for social media and the #PromoTogether initiative.  (Seriously, isn’t the image here awesome?  I’m totally fangirling, but can you really blame me?)

Industry Certification

In 2019, we became a pioneer in leading all full-time team members to earn their Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate.  It not only broadened the horizons of team members who are not on the front lines, but also gave those of us who don’t already hold a CAS or MAS some letters to add after our names!

Social Good

With apologies to Ella Fitzgerald (and quite a few others): Come buy-a my candy, my candy; I'm-a gonna give you a house

Joining the social good movement, Maple Ridge Farms partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Wausau.  From July 1st to December 31st, we raised $5,000—maybe not quite enough for a house, but we’ve got all of the windows covered!

Custom Marketing

Recently, we did a small gift mailing—with a huge response.  We paired two of our favorite chocolates in a gift box and wrapped it with a custom-designed boombox sleeve that was so fantastic that it earned us a Marketing Genius award from ASI.  Custom gifts—curated assortments, gifts combined with other promotional products, and more—are over 10% of our business (I’m kitting, it’s actually over 25%!), and they’re always a blast to create and receive.  (I’m so sorry for the pun.  I can never resist an opportunity.)

Although Maple Ridge Farms is known for being traditional, it doesn’t mean that it’s all we are.  By actively pursuing innovations and newly-forged paths, we strive to push our boundaries in ways that move us beyond traditional into something more.  Stay tuned for more initiatives in the coming months!