Maple Ridge Farms, Inc. struck gold again when it was awarded the 2021 PPAI “Supplier Star Golden Pyramid Award” at the recent PPAI Direct-2-You virtual tradeshow.  Maple Ridge Farms has won more Supplier Star Awards than any other food gift company in the history of the industry. 

“This is great!” company founder, Tom Riordan, remarked, “To win our 21st Supplier Star Award is incredible.  It’s exciting to see that the efforts of all our employees are being recognized in such a major way. Our bottom line has always been that distributors should be extremely confident when they send an order to our team.  They know their customers will be guaranteed to receive the freshest, most delicious food gifts.  Our thanks go out to our loyal customers and dedicated employees who made winning this award possible.”

The “Supplier Star Golden Pyramid Award” is the result of a competition in which distributors vote for their most dependable suppliers and one of the most coveted awards bestowed upon suppliers.

Shana Gardner, MAS, MASI, Operations