Maple Ridge Farms by the Numbers! The 2015 Year in Review

Things have been so busy here at Maple Ridge Farms that we haven’t had a chance to take a moment and say “Thank You” to our magnificent distributors, your customers, and our dedicated staff for another exciting year! Together we were able to deliver an abundance of delectable gourmet gifts to welcoming recipients.

This is also the time of year when we take a peek at the previous year, and share the popularity and trends that we see with our products and services. So, how does 2015 measure up?  Here’s what we discovered…


Tried and true, our English Butter Toffee and Pecan Turtles are still crowd favorites.  So much so, that if we line them up end-to-end they would cover the length of Chicago’s Navy Pier 100 times!  Piled together, they would weigh about as much as 75 Holstein Cows.





Our Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are shining stars!

The sweet and salty goodness of our Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels is more popular than ever!  In 2015, we shipped enough to cover almost 60 miles!  That’s the equivalent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame 25 times over!  Talk about a shining star!





The National Mall runs from the Capital to the Lincoln Memorial!

Everyone loves the comfort of Home-style Cookies and Brownies.  Need proof?  Well, we shipped enough in 2015 that if each cookie and brownie was laid out side-by-side they would stretch the length from the steps of the Capital Building in Washington D.C. to the Lincoln Memorial ten times.  That’s a lot of love!





150 Grand Pianos equals more than 78 tons!

Here at Maple Ridge Farms, we are famous for not only our chocolates, but our nuts as well. With almost 10 different types of nuts featured in our gifts, if we included all the nuts we shipped in 2015 together they would weigh more than 78 tons… or over 150 grand pianos!  More than 50% of those were our Chocolate Covered Almonds!





Use a cutting board gift to score with your customers!

We always knew our cutting boards are an excellent way to show your appreciation and leave a lasting impression.  Lined end-to-end, they would cover the length of a football field more than 90 times!  With four styles included in our gifts, they can help you score with your recipients!





We are here with the personal touch or the ease of the digital era!

You can’t discount the value of the personal touch. Our Maple Ridge Farms reception desk directed over 10,000 phone calls in the 4th quarter alone!  Our customers love hearing a friendly voice put them in contact with our award winning team!


But we are well equipped for the ease of digital age as well! Our main intake alone received over 20,000 emails last year, and we created over 580 new personalized websites to help our distributors reach their clients and let them know they are best source for gourmet food gifts!

So, once again, please accept our sincerest gratitude from the entire team here at Maple Ridge Farms. We look forward to another exciting year in 2016!