The Importance of Being Early: The Benefits of Early Ordering

It's that time again!  With Autumn quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about holiday orders.

"What?" your client says.  "But it's only September!  We've got three months to go!"

"Ah, yes," you reply, "but there is no better time than now to start ordering your holiday gifts!"

Here are a few reasons why:

Many suppliers offer discounts for early orders.  Orders placed and shipped by certain dates can qualify for great discounts.  This is also a terrific way for your client to increase their gift options, as things that might otherwise have been out of their budget are now accessible with the discount, or add to the number of gifts they're able to send out.  Maple Ridge Farms is offering a staggered discount program this year, starting with 20% off for orders placed by 20 September and shipped by 5 December.  (Some exclusions apply.  Please contact our customer service team for more information.)

Ordering early locks in inventory availability.  Although suppliers plan ahead to have enough inventory on-hand to carry them through the holidays, it's an unfortunate possibility that at some point demand is going to exceed supply.  Nothing is worse than finding out at the last minute that that perfect gift is no longer available!  Ordering early ensures that this doesn’t happen to you and your client.

Ordering early helps reduce holiday stress.  Odds are that your client has enough to worry about at the holidays, and a last-minute scramble to put together a list, select gifts, and place their order is hardly pleasant!  When they place their order ahead of time, all they have to concern themselves with is what they'll do with all of the thank-you notes they'll receive as the gifts are delivered.

At Maple Ridge Farms, we like to stress that orders placed in September will ship gifts just as fresh as those placed in December.  Regardless of when the order is placed, we pack the gift just before shipment to ensure that each gift received will be fresh and delicious.

Although many clients may not have begun to think of their holiday program yet, now is the perfect time to bring it up!  Making them aware of the benefits of early ordering can help them have the best possible experience in their holiday gift-giving.