How to Bring Spring and Organization Into Your Office

Spring is here!

When you live in a cold weather climate, the arrival of spring signals a fresh start. While January kicks off the calendar year, spring brings new ideas, big plans and a flurry of activity for you and your business. Business professionals everyone begin digging out from the winter doldrums and piles that have accumulated in their workspaces. Why does winter bring so much stuff? Whatever the reason, it’s time for spring cleaning, and we’re here to help. You may not realize that we offer a full line of desk accessories to help you organize your space and work more efficiently. The best part? You can snack on the tasty treats included while you’re cleaning and organizing to help fuel your efforts. (Fact: Jelly beans increase your productivity.)

“Do you have a pen?”

It’s amazing how many pens you seem to have until you need one. Our sturdy Pen and Pencil Cups will serve as your go-to when you need to jot down a note, sign off on that order of delicious food gifts or pen a heartfelt thank you note to a deserving colleague. Whether you prefer American beech wood with a hand-rubbed oil finish (pictured above) or high quality faux leather, these writing instrument wranglers will be a welcome addition to any desk.

Once you have your pens and pencils in order, you’ll need a dedicated space to put those million dollar ideas on paper before they become a distant memory. If you’re like us, you can never find a Post-it® note pad (or chocolate covered almond) on your desk when you need one. That’s where our Post-it® Note Holders come in. These beautiful wood pieces bring a little nature into your office, and keep a note pad close at hand.

Maybe you need more than pens and paper at your fingertips. Our Faux Leather Desk Organizers offer three compartments to hold your writing instruments, reading glasses, paper clips, super powers and more. Use yours to store your most important items, and enjoy the scrumptious gourmet treats included. You could share them with your co-workers to show off your new elegant, upscale desktop centerpiece or just pretend it came empty. (Shh! They’ll never know.) We would love to see what you store in your desk organizer. Show us your pics on Facebook or Twitter – connect with us @MapleRidgeFarms!

Our organizers are a wonderful addition for individual or group workspaces, just like the Executive Jelly Bean Dispenser. OK, it won’t help you organize your space, but it’s a fun addition to reception areas, conference rooms, break rooms – or your office. Just don’t hog all the fun! This nostalgic dispenser begs to be used. Fill the chamber with jelly beans, replace the cover, turn the crank and enjoy feeling like a kid again. The wooden cover is firebranded with your logo, so these fun, interactive dispensers also make the perfect addition to your client’s office. We include a half-pound of America’s favorite jelly beans, and you can always drop by to bring more. (What a great reason to visit!)


As Leo Tolstoy said, “spring is the time for plans and projects.” So, clean out your office, and get some work done. Don’t waste your time looking for a pen, trying to find a Post-it® note while your client is on the phone or searching for your glasses. Disorganization is more than a minor inconvenience. According to a variety of studies, people lose 30-60 minutes each day looking for misplaced items, and that figure may even be higher for office workers.

Spring is in the air! Increase your productivity and lower your stress level with a well-organized office. Then you’ll have more time to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy all the good things that spring brings – like those tasty Jelly Belly® jelly beans. Enjoy!