Have You Put Last Year’s Leftovers to Good Use?

Let’s pretend you just finished savoring Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Now it’s time to debone the delicious turkey you made. Surveying the leftovers, you think about some of the ways you can make good use of it -- Turkey Tetrazzini, Turkey Broccoli Quiche, maybe some Turkey Salad with Red Grapes.

Making good use of leftovers applies to promotions, too.

Alan Christopher of DAC Marketing recently shared the story of how he and a distributor were discussing how to make use of 400 coolers in the distributor’s warehouse. The coolers were surplus from a promotion four years earlier.

Alan came up with the idea of using the coolers as a container for a Maple Ridge Farms gift. Touchdown! (At the time of the writing of this post the Green Bay Packers are 4-0. It’s hard for fans like us to contain our excitement.) This gift marries the practical – using up inventory - with sensory appeal.

If you need help brainstorming ways to create custom holiday gifts featuring Maple Ridge Farms gourmet foods and unusual containers, let us know.