The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Release programs make it exceptionally easy to order gifts for as-needed delivery. Just place a complete order up-front, then submit release orders as the need arises. We'll take care of the rest!

The fourth quarter is a busy time in the food gifts industry--here at Maple Ridge Farms, 90% of our business is earned during this quarter--but what about the remaining nine months of the year?   There are still plenty of holidays large and small to celebrate, plenty of corporate events to go around, and one great tool that distributors might not realize that they have at their disposal:

Release programs!

Release programs are a true set-and-forget option.  Once the program is set up with Maple Ridge Farms, we'll handle everything; all we need is shipping information for each release to make the magic happen.  The beauty lies in its simplicity--and flexibility.

So, what would you want to use a release program for?

No matter who they are, everyone has a birthday.  Customers and employees alike never fail to be delighted when they are remembered on that day.  Many people receive holiday business gifts, but far fewer receive birthday business gifts, so the gift is sure to stand out.  It doesn't even need to be anything fancy--my insurance agent sends me a stick of gum every year, but it's enough to make me smile and think good thoughts about our relationship.  Now imagine how much more impact a gift bearing the logo of the sender would provide!

Not really in a situation conducive to birthday gifts?  How about new accounts?  What better way to thank someone for opening a new account than by sending them a delightful (and delicious) thank-you gift!  It works remarkably well for virtually any industry--financial, manufacturing, sales, even education--and is a great way to extend good-will.

It doesn't end there!  A release program is a great way to follow up on those big sales calls and leave them with a good (or even better!) taste in their mouths.  Celebrate employee retirements and anniversaries, say thank-you for referrals, even express your appreciation, just because.

At Maple Ridge Farms, we're happy to work with you to make your programs happen.  Contact our customer service team today for more information!