Earth Day Turns 50

Stephanie Bishop, Contributor

As we celebrate our 50th Earth Day from the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been given a rare opportunity. With global quarantines and stay at home orders in place, we are witnessing first-hand and undeniably the impact our business, industry and daily habits has on our environment.

Since the pandemic began, the earth has begun to heal. Dolphins and jellyfish have returned to the now crystal clear Venice waterways. Wild animals can be seen returning to their long-lost habitats, now our empty streets and cities. Turtles are peacefully laying eggs in record numbers on beaches formerly overtaken with humans. The skies are clear and blue over metropolitan areas as the pollution has cleared. We can see stars. Birds are rejoicing. Wouldn’t we all like to see these changes become permanent?

Cessation of our normal daily activities is allowing us to observe the effect we have and consider what kind of world we want to go back to. This time of pause is providing time to reflect on every aspect of what is important in our lives. Our health, families, livelihoods, economy and the environment are all at stake.

The unfortunate circumstances of a global pandemic are giving us the opportunity to make conscious decisions about how we will proceed in the future. We have time to make thoughtful commitments about how we want to take care of each other, business and our planet. We must ponder how to live in harmony globally, and respect the earth and all its creatures. We must never forget what we are seeing. It is only a start.

In these challenging times the silver lining is the opportunity to make positive changes. Each individual and business is accountable. We must all aspire to create a sustainable better future for ourselves and our children, and carefully consider our choices. We have the power to literally change the world.

This year, our observance of Earth Day will take a different form than in the past. Our celebration will be mostly digital as we stay home to stay safe. People will be showing support and mobilizing from their phones and computers, and participating via online posts, virtual gatherings, petitions and educational seminars.

Maple Ridge Farms has been and continues to be committed to green, eco-friendly business practices, and takes strategic initiatives to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

Maple Ridge Farms supports all those working remotely and is proud to give back to the community both locally and globally.

We wish you and your families health, hope and safety during these difficult times. Thank you to all the essential workers and volunteers who bravely and tirelessly put their own lives at risk to care for and provide for their communities.