Cookies! Cookies! Who Wants a Cookie?

Stephanie Bishop, Contributor

In the movie Michael, “angel expert” Dorothy Winters, who is investigating the presence of the Archangel Michael on Earth, detects a sweet fragrance whenever he is near: “Something so familiar, like something from childhood.  It smells so delicious… He smells like cookies!”

There is definitely something divine about cookies. In some form, cookies have been tempting us for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is speculated the first cookies were made when sugar was first discovered and cultivated as far back as the fifth century. Something magical happens in the oven as sugar, flour and fat combine with our favorite flavors to transform into irresistible bites of bliss.

According to Google, the name cookie is possibly derived from both the Dutch word “koekje” (roughly translated as “little cake”) and the Latin word for biscuit, “bis coctum” (“twice baked”). There is a name for cookies in almost every language, with thousands to choose from, and even more words to describe them. We even sometimes nickname sweethearts and pets “Cookie” because they are so sweet!

Cookies were first commercially produced in late 1800s. Since then, cookies have become an enormous industry and a huge part of our culinary culture. The world can’t get enough of cookies! They may be cut, pressed, rolled, molded or formed. Some prefer savory, buttery and flaky, others chewy, soft and moist. There are those who like crisp, tart and crumbly and some who like healthy, crunchy and sweet. Some admire the artistry of painted, sprinkled, frosted, sugared, and filled. Perhaps a seasonal or regional cookie is your favorite. There is a cookie for everyone!

The warm, sweet aroma of cookies is comforting and homey; consuming them is soothing. Children before an afternoon nap know the magic. Grown-ups raid the cookie jar for a bedtime ritual or midnight snack. Who has never enjoyed cookies and milk?  The Girl Scouts figured out we could not say “no” and feed our craving with a yearly fundraiser.

Cookies summon fond memories of being in the kitchen, baking with loved ones. Children in the fairy tale Hansel & Gretel are saved by a trail of cookie crumbs. Generations love a favorite Muppet who cannot eat enough of them. Children sing songs and play games about cookies. We are glued to the cookie baking competitions now all the rage on TV. Fortune cookies entertain us with profundities and advice.

We eat cookie dough (against the advice of professionals), put cookies in and on ice cream, and crush them to put in other desserts and make crusts. We share them with family, friends and co-workers, but sometimes keep them all to ourselves. Sometimes we just need one little, perfect bite to finish a lovely meal. There is a cookie for every occasion, every meal, and every day. What is your favorite cookie?

National Cookie Day is December 4th, but there’s no need to wait until then. Every day is a good day for cookies at Maple Ridge Farms! Our fresh, delicious selection of gourmet cookies is the perfect treat to enjoy any day of the year. They can be delivered in almost any weather, travel well and have a good shelf life. They’re delectable, delicious and shareable. Click our links below, or call to find out what kind of cookies are available today.

Whether we have them for breakfast, dessert, a snack or tea,

If they are broken, they are calorie free…

Every day is a good day for cookies, you’ll see! Try some cookies. You will agree.


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