CASE STUDY: The Return of the QR Code

Molly Neises, MAS, Sales

They’re back and looking like they are here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future.  What are we talking about?  QR codes, those black and white pixilated squares that scream “scan me”!

So, what are they really?  Well, a QR (short for quick response) code is a simply a type of barcode – a machine-readable graphic that directs an intended audience towards specific information.  It consists of a grid of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a mobile device, essentially bridging the gap between physical and digital interaction and minimizing hands-on contact.

They are also an effective marketing tool.  While originally developed for use in tracking parts in manufacturing, they have become a staple in consumer advertising… in other words, promo!  Why?  They provide an easy way to access the targeted information quicker (and more accurately) than entering URLs manually, especially on hand held devices.

We have all seen QR codes popping up everywhere from restaurant menus to contactless shopping and payment options.  They are exploding in all things promotion as well.  From billboards to product packaging, QR codes allow for a more interactive consumer experience.  And we’ve seen them work amazingly well first-hand with some of our full-color imprint options!

Read on for a few recent case studies showing the power of QR codes when partnered with gourmet gift solutions:

CASE STUDY: Welcome to the Team!

Challenge: An employment agency wanted a fun (and tasty) way to welcome new team members onboard, as well as an easy way to share important information they would need to get started.

Solution: Our cylinders offer a full color imprint, allowing a creative and playful onboarding gift, complete with a QR code to their employee handbook.  Filled with Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans and Deluxe Mixed Nuts, the gift also provided a sweet and salty incentive to “dig in” to their new position.

Results: The new employees felt truly welcomed and a part of the team, in a way that made them feel valued and ready to deliver at the highest service level.  And they noted the treats were a “sweet” touch!

CASE STUDY: Double the Impressions

Challenge: A medical insurance company had an opportunity when planning for an upcoming multi-day health and wellness fair.  The two-day event started with education and general sessions and would continue on a tradeshow floor the next day.  They wanted a way to drive attendees to their booth on that second day.

Solution: The company was able to contribute to the event’s swag bag in a delicious and energizing way.  They chose to include our full-color gable-top gift box, filled with tasty trail mix.  They made sure to include the booth number, as well as a QR code on the back that allowed attendees a sneak peek of what they could learn by stopping by.

Results: The order for 1,000 pieces of our WGB196FC was sent with enough time to allow for kitting into the event bags each attendee would receive.  It was a great way for each recipient to stay energized with a healthy snack as they moved through the event – and led to increased traffic at their booth on the show floor. The double impressions for the company expanded their exposure, as well as the return on their investment.

BONUS CASE STUDY: We Practice What We Preach

Challenge: Maple Ridge Farms was looking for a creative way to connect with some of our biggest “fans” and kick off spring with a reminder that gourmet food gifting is a 365-day promotional solution.

Solution: With the Major League Baseball opener right around the corner, we created a custom kitted gift that included gameday essentials such as popcorn, peanuts, and candy – inside a box wrapped with a full-color sleeve covered with baseball-themed marketing points. 

We included custom-designed baseball cards, complete with a QR code on the back that directed the recipients to a Spotify playlist filled with our team’s walk-up music as well as other hits you hear at the ballpark!  We also sent along a greeting card that shared our message and included a QR code to some industry case studies, courtesy of Team #FoodGiftLove

Results: The response we got, not only from the recipients but also from other industry insiders, was fantastic and enthusiastic!  The gift was showcased on various social platforms and was even mentioned in episode 100 of ASI’s The Social Angle!  It’s a great listen for more info on how QR codes are impactful with promo marketing, and you can hear about the MRF ballpark promotion at the 14:30 mark (complete with a close up)!

And if you want to check out our walk-up music and those case studies? Scan the QR codes above!

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