Brand Your Way to Success

Stephanie Bishop, Contributor

What’s your favorite soda? When you’re congested with a cold, what do you rub on your chest? Who makes the most popular athletic shoes? What beverage company has Clydesdales? What is the best coffee chain in America?

Your answers came to mind quickly, easily and confidently didn’t they? That’s branding.

Branding is an intangible but powerful technique to launch and promote the sales, growth and awareness of every product and service imaginable.

Your branding communicates the identity of your business to consumers, most often in whimsical, entertaining ways. It isn’t however by accident. Successful marketing and execution is a strategy – methodology that takes thought, planning, investigation and investment.

Every business strives to become well known, establish itself as a household name, a brand that can be trusted, and the go-to answer, but the journey takes some preparation.

It may take years of trial and error, many attempts, and the assistance of a professional, but every business, no matter how small, can benefit from a bit of branding. The experience creates a baseline to find out what works and what doesn’t for your business. This allows for some evaluation of “success”. If your efforts yield increased sales/profits, you’re probably on the right track.

Branding is a “hiding in plain sight” attempt to help fill a need and influence your customers’ product choices and loyalty on a frequent basis. To begin, you first have to ask yourself questions:

  • What is your specialty or niche?
  • How can you best capture this niche?
  • Who is your target consumer?
  • What do your customers need? How can you best fill that need?
  • What do your customers want? What do they like?
  • What is it that sets your business apart from all others?
  • What do you want the world to know about your product or service that is unique? Do you offer amazing service? Exceptional quality? Best price? What special value or experience does your product have or give?
  • What are the special qualities, benefits or advantages of your particular product?
  • How will you get and keep their attention as you convey your message?

Once you begin your branding endeavor, engaging the 5 senses is key. You want your message to stay with the receiver. You want it to be memorable. Which of the senses will you engage?

Will you tickle their ears with a catch phrase, jingle, commercials, ads or tagline?

Perhaps you’ll invest in designing a visually stunning, unforgettable logo and print ads? Will you go digital and utilize images, sounds and a storyline to convey a “lifestyle” or “image” that defines your offering? What products remind consumers of your presence, product and availability on a regular basis? How will you help them to decide they want your product instead of anyone else’s?

Branding accentuates your product’s larger perceived value and puts your product a cut above the competition. Thoughtful gifts or samples with your logo and tagline will be used and remembered long after being received. What about something impressive, elegant, and delicious your clients can see, touch, smell and taste, as well as engage others in an experience they can all share?

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