6 Problems to Solve with Food Gifts

Shana Gardner, Operations

Many people dread holiday shopping.  How many times have you heard (or said), "It's December already and I haven't even started shopping for gifts yet!"?  It's stressful enough shopping for personal presents, but your clients' business gift shopping comes with its own set of challenges.  How many gifts do they need?  Does everyone get the same gift?  Do their recipients already have a dozen of the same gift from years-past?  Is their gift going to a single person or an office?  Do they need to ship directly to each recipient?  Do they want a gift with utility and enjoyment?

Never fear, food gifts are here!  Food gifts can fit virtually any situation, so they're a perfect alternative to hard or soft goods.  Make their holiday shopping easy, and solve their gift-giving problems with food gifts.

Problem #1: I'm sending gifts to an office and want to make sure that it's something everyone there can share.  I don't want it to be something only one person can take home.

Solution #1: Food gifts are easily sharable by everyone in an office, and can include a variety of different items to provide something for every taste.  Everyone can enjoy sampling the delicious treats without concern about anyone being left out.

Problem #2: I'm sending gifts to individuals and offices with different numbers of people.  How can I make sure that I'm sending a gift that's appropriate to each?

Solution #2: Food gifts come in a wide variety of sizes, from single-serve gift boxes to towers packed with enough delicious goodies for up to 50 people to share.  If your client is sending gifts to a mix of office sizes, they can order multiple gifts, matching them to each recipient: send a gift box to a two-person office, a cookie basket to a ten-person office, and a tower to a twenty-person office.  The sky's the limit!

Problem #3: Every year I send the same thing.  How can I mix it up?

Solution #3: Food gifts come in a wide variety of assortments, whether they're looking for sweet or savory—or a little bit of everything!  Don't see the assortment they want?  Food gifts are customizable!  Do they love the Chocolate Elegance but want a little bit of savory in it?  Switch out the Pecan Turtles for Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews.  Is The Classic perfect—except for the color?  Put it in a navy gift box instead.  Contact our Custom Gift Specialists for more information.

Problem #4: I want something that will keep my brand in front of them, but I want them to be able to enjoy it immediately, too.

Solution #4: Many Maple Ridge Farms food gifts come with leave-behinds, including cutting boards, desk accessories, collectible wooden vehicles, and more!  These are packed with delicious food, so recipients get the immediate gratification of gourmet treats, then keep the leave-behind for long-lasting appreciation.

Problem # 5: I'm not able to hand out the gifts; they need to be shipped to each recipient, but I don't have the time to coordinate it myself.  How can I get them where they need to go?

Solution #5: At Maple Ridge Farms, we are experts at drop shipping.  Simply have your client fill the addresses into our convenient preformatted spreadsheet and send it to us—we'll take care of the rest.  We can even include cards with your client's message in them, to add that extra personal touch.

Problem #6: In the past, I've given boxes of chocolates from big-box stores, but they don't have my branding anywhere.  I want to make sure that my recipients know who the gifts are coming from.

Solution #6: Every Maple Ridge Farms gifts includes imprinting of your client's logo or message.  Whether beautifully foil-stamped on satin ribbon or firebranded on a useful cutting board, when the recipient opens their gift, the first thing they'll see is your client's imprint.  Additionally, every Maple Ridge Farms order is packed just before shipment, so your client can rest assured that every recipient is receiving the finest, freshest gift, instead of one that's been sitting on a shelf or in a warehouse for months.

Food gifts make great business gifts, offering something for every situation.  Overcome holiday gift-giving challenges by offering your clients food gift programs and keep them coming back for the easiest—and most appreciated—gifting they've ever experienced.


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