5 Ways to Combat Freight Charge Concerns

The freight landscape is ever-changing, and staying on top of the policies and rates of couriers can be a challenge, whether you’re shipping hard goods, soft goods, or food gifts.  Freight charges are probably not the first thing that your client is thinking about when they’re selecting their gifts, but they can have a significant impact on budgets!  A bit of elbow grease and creativity can help to ensure that freight charges don’t become a dealbreaker.

Have Freight Estimates Prepared
Although this won’t affect the final total, having a good idea of what to expect with freight charges can set everyone’s mind at ease—especially if your client is on a tight budget. Many factors go into determining freight, including size of the item, the potential need for ice and insulation, the delivery location, and the ship method.  Armed with freight estimates, you’re better able to determine if there will be any shipping concerns and address them upfront, instead of waiting for the invoice.

Explore the Free Shipping Section
Maple Ridge Farms offers a rotating selection of items eligible for free or flat rate shipping in the Free Shipping section of mapleridge.com. If your client has concerns about freight costs, check here first—there are great gifts available with free shipping to one location or $6.95 flat rate shipping to multiple locations (as of this writing).

Ship on a Third Party Account
Do you or your client get great rates through UPS or FedEx? We’re happy to ship on a third party number so you can take advantage of those!  Just specify the UPS or FedEx account you would like the freight billed to on your purchase order and we’ll take care of the rest.

Consider Truck Shipment
Is your client ordering a large quantity for bulk shipment to one location? You may be able to save on freight by shipping via truck instead.  If you think your order may qualify, please contact one of our Sales Consultants to discuss a truck estimate.

Switch to an Item Not Sensitive to Heat
Although less of a concern during the holidays, during the warmer months your clients may face higher shipping costs on perishable items due to the need for ice and insulation. If the increased cost is of concern, consider switching to another item, such as our shelf stable cheeses, nuts, or home-style cookies and brownies.  Our Sales Consultants are happy to discuss alternatives with you.

With a little legwork and ingenuity, freight challenges can be easily assuaged.  If your client is concerned over high freight, whatever the situation, be sure to work closely with your supplier to find the option that works to best meet your client’s needs.  We’ve seen just about every situation out there, and are here to help make sure everything goes smoothly so that you’re left with a happy client.