5 Ways to be a Valentine’s Day Promo Hero

Molly Neises, Sales

So, here we are:  one week out from the “Holiday of the Heart”.  And while many may jump to assuming gourmet gifts belong to the fourth quarter, it’s simply not true.  Food365 is a way of life here at Maple Ridge Farms, and Valentine’s Day is another way to use delicious and mouth-watering treats as a promotional tool.  Let’s look at what February 14th can mean to you…

The origin of Valentine’s Day is veiled in mystery.  There are at least three different, martyred saints named Valentine and the stories contain remnants of both ancient Roman and Christian traditions. One legend suggests an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young lady, signing the letter “From Your Valentine” – a sentiment still in use today.  Although the truth behind the various Valentine legends is unclear, the stories all accentuate his appeal as a romantic, sympathetic, and heroic figure.

You can be a promotional Valentine’s Day hero!  There are quite a few ways you (and your customers) can promote your company by taking advantage of the “sweet” marketing opportunities the holiday has to offer!

  • Run a “We Love Our Customers” campaign – All businesses love their customers.  Show them how much they mean to you by sending them something special when they aren’t expecting it!  Or try “We’re Sweet on You” as an alternative theme and include a tasty treat to prove it!

  • “We’ve Missed You!” – use Valentine’s Day to reach out to inactive customers and help them find their way back to you.  It’s a unique way to spark interest in those customers again and remind them why they loved working with you!  Double your impact by including an offer or incentive on their next order.

  • Thank your VIPs with “A Sweet Treat for One of our Best!”  Include a special offer for those customers, exclusive to your top tier!

  • “Share the Love” – Use Valentine’s Day to promote loyalty and referral programs!  Thank customers for recent or past referrals, or promote incentives for future referrals & long-term loyalty.

  • Running out of time and won’t meet the February 14th date?  Try “Valentine’s Day is over, but we’re still sharing the love!”

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